Vikings season 5 preview: Is Ivar the Boneless sorry for killing Sigurd?

Vikings Ivar the BonelessIt’s no secret that Ivar the Boneless has a temper, and after being teased his whole life over his disability, that temper has manifested into an internal rage that makes him dangerous to everyone around him – including his own family. There has never been any love loss between Ivar and his brother Sigurd on Vikings as they needled each other in the way that brothers do, but there was always something more underlying with both of them.

Sigurd was jealous of all the extra attention that their mother (Aslaug) paid to Ivar over the years making him feel abandonment from his mother. Ivar on the other hand resented his brother for not only being able bodied, but tormenting him about it especially when it came to sex. The only person that ever made Ivar feel a sort of normalcy was his father Ragnar and now he’s gone. (Warning: Spoilers ahead from last season’s finale).

Going into Vikings season 5 our biggest question mark has been wondering what the fall out was going to be from Ivar killing Sigurd in the finale. It’s one thing to be jealous or mad at your sibling and it’s quite another to kill them at a table filled with family. Are Ivar’s brothers going to understand or forgive him, or are we looking at a situation where he may be exiled for what he did?

In a new Vikings season 5 sneak peek (via TV Guide – which you can also check out below) we have a chance to see how the brothers are dealing with the situation. Ivar pleads his case to his family, but not in the way that you might think. We didn’t expect him to grovel (this is not Ivar’s way of handling things), but we didn’t expect him to blame Sigurd for basically getting himself killed. Ivar swears to the gods that he never intended to kill Sigurd, but because of the relentless public taunting, he was given no other choice once his anger took over. He helps his brothers see it from his side by asking them how they would’ve reacted if they were in his position and their manhood was called into question in front of everyone? We do see a moment where his brothers have an understanding of where he’s coming from and we suspect that they will all find a way to move forward from this incident, especially when we see Ivar do something we never thought he would: Apologize.

This sneak peek is also another reminder that even though we have lost Travis Fimmel as Ragnar, his sons (along with Lagertha) will easily hold up the show. Alex Hogh Andersen gives us a character that encompasses everything we loved about Ragnar (charming, strong, clever), but with a side of unpredictability due to his uncontrollable anger. History has always said that Vikings is a story of Ragnar and his sons, and luckily they have an incredible cast to keep the bar high now that Ragnar is gone.

Vikings will return to the History channel on Wednesday, November 29, so be sure to tune in and see how it all unfolds. Also, while there has been no official announcement yet, we have seen enough information floating around out there to feel confident that there will be a Vikings season 6 – and you can read more about that at the link here.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in Vikings season 5? Leave us a comment in the box below with your hopes for the new season. If you want more scoop on Vikings season 5 then head on over to the link here and let us be your guide to all things Vikings. (Photo: History)

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