NCIS season 15: Wilmer Valderrama on more action, Maria Bello casting

Wilmer ValderramaWhile NCIS is probably going to always be at its core a crime series with a mystery of the week component, there are opportunities to add new wrinkles here and there. One of the latest ones could be making a slight shift to something a little more action-heavy, possible similar to NCIS: Los Angeles in some ways in that regard. (That’s just our perception, so don’t report that comparison as fact.)

In speaking on that subject to ET Canada in a recent interview, Wilmer Valderrama (who is coming on board the show for his second year as Nick Torres) had the following to say about some of what you can anticipate seeing on the series from here:

“A lot … There’s been some exciting changes in the last two years and we’re infusing a lot more action … What’s also really great is that the team has found a different dynamic, there’s a different energy, same magic, but the team is excited. I think the writers are swinging as hard as they’ve ever been, and we’re happy. This year Maria Bello is going to join us, so we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

One other reason why the writers may be swinging so hard right now is that there could be an added desire for some people to prove themselves. After all, you just have to remember that there are new showrunners behind the scenes at NCIS, and following the terrible death of Gary Glasberg last year this is the first time that they’ve had a chance to fully map out and frame their own batch of episodes. This is an opportunity for them to establish their own sense of style and tone, and we’re very much intrigued to see what that is going to look like when the show comes back next month.

In case you have not heard, Bello will not be appearing a few episodes into the new season, and you won’t necessarily see her right away. The start of the season is going to revolve more around getting a chance to see how the likes of Gibbs and McGee are recovering from spending so much time within their South American prison-of-sorts. From there, we’ll see them try to get accustomed to life back in DC, and taking on more of their familiar cases again. More than likely, the show will wait for things to start to stabilize at the office before introducing Bello’s character and therefore making it crazy again. That’s a good way to constantly keep the sense of excitement going on the show.

Beyond this arrival, the writers likely have some other surprises in store for the rest of the season. For one, we’d be personally rather shocked if there is not a crossover at some point in the future.

What is it that you want to see moving into NCIS season 15 for Valderrama’s Nick Torres? Share in the comments below! Meanwhile, head over here in the event you do want to get some additional news when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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