Game of Thrones season 7 finale photos: Theon returns; Cersei and more

Game of Thrones season 7 finaleWe know that there’s a lot being said already about the Game of Thrones season 7 finale in the context of Cersei, Jon Snow, and the big meeting there. Yet, there is not anywhere near as much being said about the return of one Theon Greyjoy.

While we have seen Alfie Allen’s character on the show since the capture of his sister, he’s been for the most part kept under the radar. That’s a shame in some ways given that he’s such a different sort of person than anyone else on the series. There aren’t many other characters who react mostly out of cowardice, and there is something interesting that comes out of seeing him as a result of that. Is he going to try to correct his mistake … or is he even capable of that? Keeping a little bit of Reek within Theon is one of the smartest things that we’ve seen the show’s writers do. It serves as a good reminder that some things cannot be changed, and one of the biggest ones here is this character and his inability to handle confrontations in the same way as everyone else.

What’s also interesting is that if you look at his backdrop, it’s hard to know for certain where he is. He could be near Dragonstone since this is such a gray palette, but presumably he could be somewhere in the north, as well. Who knows? Maybe this is also a specific shot near the shores of King’s Landing that just looks darker than it really is. (One other idea: This is just more evidence of the show adopting more of a wintry feel, keeping with one of the reasons why the series filmed when it did.)

In addition to Theon, let’s just hope that we get a chance to see Yara Greyjoy again, as well. Hasn’t she suffered enough?

Game of Thrones season 7 finale

Cersei revels in her position

We’d like to say that she cares about the White Walkers and the potential fate of the crumbling world, but we’re not altogether sure that she does. This is Cersei Lannister that we’re talking about here! We’re not sure that sympathy is one of her strong suits just as much as we don’t think that she’s all that good at conveying or expressing what she feels in times of crisis. She’s probably going to very much enjoy that she gets to be the center of attention for what is a key meeting between her administration-of-sorts and what is happening both in terms of Winterfell and Dragonstone. She may claim that she is listening to their concerns, but may just be setting herself up instead for a victory down the line. Maybe she’ll help them, and then take advantage of their moments of weakness down the road.

Remember that this episode is going to be the largest one in the history of Game of Thrones, with it running for almost 80 episodes. You can see the title for it, plus some additional details as to what to expect, just by heading over to the link here.

Meanwhile, be sure to also take a look at a promo for the finale! (Photo: HBO.)

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