The Sinner episode 4 video: Show boss on twists, Jessica Biel casting, more

Jessica BielThe Sinner episode 4 is airing on USA Network tonight, and as we get closer to this episode airing, we do have a rather great look inside what’s coming.

In the video below, you can see showrunner/executive producer Derek Simonds talk openly about what first drew him to working on the show, including what drew him to the idea of a mystery where almost the entirety of the story revolves around one key question: What is the motive? Why did Cora kill when she did, and what was the reason for it?

Of course, the motive is something that we are going to uncover over the course of the season, and as Simonds perfectly notes, so much of that is going to be very much rooted within Cora’s past. We’ll see more of what drew her into darkness, and hopefully a little bit more of the memories that she just can’t seem to properly identify.

Beyond all of this, there is another key aspect of the show in the investigation, and why certain people are working so hard to uncover the truth. One of these said people, to be specific, is Bill Pullman’s Ambrose. This is in part why Simonds notes that there are two key mysteries at the heart of this show more so than any other: “Why did Cora kill Frankie?” and “Why is Ambrose so interested in Cora’s case?”. The answer to the latter seems to be something that is a part of his own past, and something that in turn we could see discussed and uncovered more as the remainder of the season airs.

About Jessica Biel serving as the series’ lead

Simonds has many kind words about both Jessica’s performance and also in part why she is such a perfect person to lead the show. A good bit of that ultimately stems from preconceived notions. Much of her fanbase knows her for playing a role on 7th Heaven that is a little bit more wholesome. Here, she has a chance to take on a part that is significantly more about danger and defying what you initially think of someone. Cora starts off as a reasonably normal mother, but by the end of the episode you see her as a cold-blooded killer, violent to the point that there is no real debate as to whether or not she is guilty of stabbing Frankie.

The only real question that remains now is finding out if there is something else that led to her committing the act — and if she was under the control of her own mind at the time that she went through with it. We already know that there is a musical trigger implanted in there.

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