Crime Dynamic Duos: Hawaii Five-0 (Steve / Danny) vs. NCIS: Los Angeles (Kensi / Deeks)

Steve / DannyToday, the third round of our Crime Dynamic Duos series is coming to a close, and we’ve got two more fantastic pairs worth discussing and debating! Steve / Danny and Kensi / Deeks are a part of two long-running and successful shows, and they each have a dedicated following to go along with it. One of the two of them will make it into the final four of this tournament. From there, who knows? Maybe the winner of the whole enchilada is being featured today!

As with all of the other entries that we’ve done for the tournament this year, we’re going to start things off by breaking the contenders down.

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Still with us? Then let’s dive into this battle…

Update: Alas for those of you coming to vote now, the poll closed on August 24. We’re going to switch over to polls that auto-close in future since we don’t want there to be any further confusion for anyone who finds the pieces after the fact.

Steve and Danny, Hawaii Five-0 (#1 seed) – The bromance affectionately known as McDanno is popular for a reason. They’ve got a great rapport, great sense of humor, and they’re a part of some great storylines. They’ve went through everything from hostage crises to Danny donating part of an organ, and we figure moving into season 8 there’ll be more obstacles / opportunities for them to shine. With there being so many changes to the Task Force, they’re going to have to rely on one another perhaps even more than they have to date.

So far in this tournament, Steve and Danny have performed very well in the polls! While they haven’t blown people out on the same level that we’ve seen elsewhere, they’ve delivered some steady wins and shown that their audience is consistently a force to be reckoned with.

Kensi and Deeks, NCIS: Los Angeles (#2 seed) – In terms of fan support, you can say almost the same thing about Densi that you did McDanno. Fans of Kensi and Deeks have been more patient than most, largely because they’ve had to be at times. Just look at how long it took the two parties to finally get engaged! We do think that the moment was worth it, just as we also do think that the moment will be worth it when the characters finally do get married.

Will that happen on NCIS: LA this season? There’s nothing firm out there about it just yet; we’d like to see it happen, but given the show’s history there is little reason to think that they will rush into it. As long as you keep the two happily engaged and tell great stories, we’re happy.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

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