Chicago Med season 3: What could be in store for Dr. Sarah Reese?

Sarah ReeseWhen Chicago Med premiered its first episode, fans felt an immediate connection to Dr. Sarah Reese. She was the fourth medical student who didn’t feel inclined to emergency medicine and sometimes felt out of place in the ER. She had plans to become a pathologist after medical school but at the end of Season 1, realized that emergency medicine was where she belonged. Unfortunately for her, it was too late to change career paths and was forced to leave the hospital until Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) offered her a resident position in psychiatry.

While Rachel DiPillo has done a brilliant job making Dr. Reese someone fans can get behind, we wanted to figure out what could be in store for her during Season 3. Dr. Reese is caring, compassionate, trustworthy, and strong. On more than one occasion she’s been the one with her head on correctly and makes the right decision.

So moving into the series’s third season what can the show do with Dr. Reese?

Challenge her again – At the end of Season 2, Dr. Reese was tasked with finding out what was causing Dr. Robyn Charles’s strange condition. She was determined and focused as she tested for anything that could be the cause. Ultimately, it was Dr. Charles who figured out what the cause was, but the point is fans got a glimpse at what Dr. Reese is capable of. She’s a smart doctor and for Season 3 we would like to see her in another situation like this one. Only this time, we want to see Dr. Reese figure it out.

The series has an unique character in Dr. Reese and by making her the center of a case, fans get to see more of who she is. Her brief time in emergency medicine gives her a different perspective walking into any case, and we know that after she almost lost her medical career all together, going forward every decision she makes will be one that she truly believes in and wants.

A love interest – In the beginning, Dr. Reese was dating a young lab tech named Joe Thomas, but later the two broke up when she realized he didn’t always support her. Now, the idea has been planted that a relationship could blossom between her and Dr. Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III). At then end of the second season it was pretty clear that Noah had feelings for Dr. Reese, but it was unclear if she reciprocated those feelings.

So going into Season 3 it would be interesting to see their relationship. By potentially having her develop feelings for someone she works closely with, it would further shape her into the doctor she wants to be. Like some of her colleagues who are dating other close colleagues, she will be forced to put her feelings aside and treat the patient the way she would if she wasn’t into them. She has to avoid becoming distracted and we know it’s not an easy task.

For example, Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) has trouble all the time keeping his feelings in check for Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DiVitto) at work. It’s a challenge that has to be overcome. It won’t come anytime so because that wouldn’t be any fun, but the journey to achieve objectiveness will be.

More about her background – We learned during Season 2 that Dr. Reese isn’t close with her mother, but besides that little is known about her. During Season 3 it would be nice to know more about her history or her upbringing. She’s an interesting character and often times we wonder how she became the person she is. We want to know why she thinks they way she does or why she behaviors a certain way. It’s not something we need all the answers to at once, but revealing little by little would be great.

Overall, Dr. Sarah Reese is a strong character who the audience can relate to because as she learns, so do we. She may be young, but she’s a smart woman with a bright future and we can’t wait to see what the series has in store for her.

Chicago Med returns in early 2018 to NBC. For more news related to Chicago Medbe sure to visit this link. (Photo: NBC.)

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