MasterChef season 9 episode 12 exclusive: Eboni struggles with crawfish

MasterChef season 8 episode 12Throughout most of MasterChef season 8, we’ve seen Eboni establish herself as a firm favorite to win it all. Could that be changing?

Well, the latest exclusive sneak peek below features Eboni in the midst of an enormous struggle when it comes to the main protein at the center of the episode: Crawfish. More than that, live crawfish. She’s struggling with having to kill them in the midst of the challenge, which makes sense given that we’d be there in that same situation. It’s one thing to cook something when it’s dead; it’s another thing altogether to have it alive and/or staring at you. Maybe other countries are by and large more comfortable with this than we are, given that it is often a cause of general unease for most people out there in America. We’d probably run the other way before trying to get a dish in front of the judges here.

With all of this said … Eboni has made it super-far in the competition, and she’s not going to walk away from it now because of crawfish. One way or another, we’ve got a feeling that she is going to figure out a way to keep fighting and work her way through the challenge. It’s a little too early to say that she’s going to make it to the finale, but she’s still got the potential to be there a rather long time.

One important thing to remember beyond anything else with Wednesday’s episode is that it is actually one of two different ones coming on the air. By the time we get around to the end of the second episode we could see as many as three home cooks gone when you incorporate the cliffhanger elimination in there. MasterChef is switching to a two-hour format the remainder of the season, and for good reason when you remember that there are a good many contestants that the show needs to get to between now and the end of the show. Fox also needs for it to be over before they get into the start of their official fall season.

What do you think: Will Eboni recover from this? Share in the comments!

Also, head over here to get some more of the latest insight on the show! Obviously there was no exit interview this week (we don’t know who was eliminated between Newton/Yachecia yet), but that’s something that we’ll have more coverage of in the days to come. (Photo: Fox.)

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