Supergirl season 3 premiere: What could we see?

Supergirl season 3 premiereWhat could be coming in the Supergirl season 3 premiere when the show comes on the air later this fall? It’s a good question, especially when you think in terms of how many loose ends the show has floating around right now. You’ve got a marriage proposal, the whereabouts of Mon-El, and of course waiting to see how the cliffhanger with Reign is factored into the story after we got the smallest sense of her creation in the finale.

For the sake of this article, let’s do our best to simple touch on a few different things that could be essential to building the best premiere episode possible.

Bring in Reign – Obviously, you cannot start off the season by throwing a lot of her onto the show at one point; however, at the same time you need to set her up and establish her as one of the central threats of the story. Our preference is that maybe you give a few minutes of the character in the first episode just to give us something to go on for the future.

The same goes for Mon-El – Chris Wood clearly isn’t going anywhere, but for the first few episodes, he should be gone. Maybe you spend a second highlighting where he is somewhere else in the multiverse, but just like his absence needs to be felt for Kara to move forward, it also needs to be felt for us as a viewer. Otherwise, there was no point in sending him away from the planet in the first place.

Address Sanvers – It’s hard to say one way or another whether or not the engagement should happen. We would like for it to, but the moment almost came about abruptly and we’d almost prefer for an even grander proposal to happen down the road. We just want them together in one form or another, and the struggle in this episode will likely be updating us on their status while also preparing for the possibility that Floriana Lima is going to be gone from the show for a while. Just remember that there are plans at the moment for her to take on some other projects.

A great one-off villain – Hey, this is a superhero show, and it wouldn’t quite work unless there is someone out there who Kara needs to take out. They don’t have to be the most challenging foe in the world; we just want them to be someone who establishes what the tone of the season is going to be and has a few memorable moments. A good example of one of these is probably going to be the original Weather Wizard from the pilot of The Flash; however, a bad example of one of these is probably The Rival from The Flash last season, who was super-corny with all of his catchphrases and the like.

What is it that you want to see on the Supergirl season 3 premiere? Share now in the comments!

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