Preparing for Mark Harmon Week? NCIS fans want to honor Agent Gibbs

Mark Harmon WeekAttention NCIS fans: It’s time to prepare. The biggest event of the year is upon us. No, we are not talking about the eclipse, given that this already happened. Instead, TV viewers from across the country and around the world are getting ready for Mark Harmon Week. The man who makes Agent Gibbs tick on NCIS is (hopefully) getting acknowledged once again. Even if he’s not acknowledged publicly, you can always do so yourself!

Last year on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, there was a special week dedicated to none other than leading man Mark Harmon. With so many amazing performances (of course NCIS is at the top) Harmon fans were teased with amazing clips of the man’s career.

The week, which ran during the second week of October in 2016, was met with quite an excited base of fans. Not only were NCIS fans excited to see all sorts of Mark Harmon celebrations, but so were Ellen Show fans and anyone who has followed Harmon’s career over the years. After all, he is a seasoned actor who has only grown finer with time.

One of the questions many fans have is how to celebrate in 2017. If there is another Mark Harmon Week, it would start on October 9. There are absolutely a lot of different ways to celebrate: Watching Harmon’s movies, a NCIS marathon, or even just various clips of the actor over the years. Hopefully, The Ellen DeGeneres Show will have Mark Harmon return once again to celebrate the week too.

Mark Harmon Week

Why is celebrating the career of Mark Harmon so important for NCIS fans? Besides being very easy on the eyes to many out there, there has always been a lack of appreciation for the man and his work. NCIS is one of the biggest dramas on TV, it’s been on top for years. Now it’s seen in many countries around the world. As a matter of fact, it even won the award for Most-Watched Global Show at the Monte Carlo TV Festival! Yet, it is often ignored at awards shows elsewhere, and that under-appreciation is why TV viewers step up to celebrate Mark Harmon in such a way. He was a huge asset to this show at the beginning and so many people now watch to see Gibbs and his team in action.

While we might be looking at weeks before celebrating Mark Harmon Week, it gives NCIS fans plenty of time to prepare. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve decided to make a mask for the week. Since I can’t draw very well, I need all the time I can get!

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