Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Morning of the eclipse (day 62)

eclipseThis morning, the Big Brother 19 houseguests all had an opportunity to see the solar eclipse, giving them a rare connection with the outside world.

Did they enjoy it? Well, production at least gave them a good opportunity to in the form of the special glasses — something that many people in the real world probably wanted earlier this morning. Some people (see Paul or Christmas) actually seemed to be more into it than others, but it was kind of a cool moment to see some of these people have a chance to think about something outside of the game and realize that they are all just people in a larger universe. At times, of course they’ve felt more like robots controlled by Paul to do his every whim. He’s still the one controlling the game, after all, and he’s clearly getting what he wants this week in getting to see Mark leave the game.

The Veto Ceremony technically has not transpired yet, but when it does all signs point towards Mark going up and heading out the door. We’ll give the guy credit for campaigning, though — he’s even made some really good pitches to Christmas and Josh that nominating and getting rid of Alex this week is a huge move that could help them in the long-term stay in the game. It does isolate two threats from each other, but it also keeps another one in Mark in the game longer.

The biggest problem with Mark’s argument is strictly this: Nobody is directly targeting Christmas if she gets rid of Mark. If she keeps Mark, some people are. Not only that, but Mark has a chance at beating her in the end since he’s such an underdog. She probably thinks that she beats Josh, and she may even think she beats Paul since he’s a returning player. We don’t know why she’d think that given what we saw in the final two last year, but people do think crazy things sometimes in the Big Brother game.

Will Mark even get a sympathy vote?

Probably not, mostly because he’s going to be on the block with Matt and nobody needs to send any message to him since he’s utterly useless in the game. Matt’s the perfect pawn since he’s not going to do anything at all to anger people; he’s even better than Raven, who does have a tendency to be abrasive and spend way too much of her time talking about various problems that she has. (Raven, meanwhile, will probably last longer than Matt just because she’s less of a threat in either competitions or in front of the jury at the end.)

Want some other news on the Big Brother feeds?

Then be sure to head over to the link here right now! Remember, new episodes of the show are going to continue airing and we’re super-curious to see if the solar eclipse makes the show when the next installment comes on the air.

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