The Last Ship season 4 episode 2 review: Tom Chandler’s fight club

Last Ship season 4 episode 2

Just in case you didn’t think that The Last Ship provided a lot of drama in its season 4 premiere, hopefully the second episode did the trick. After all, this episode featured everything from drama at sea to Eric Dane punching another man with no shirt on.

There wasn’t much said about what happened to Big Burk in this second episode, and the Nathan James crew had to move on (limited time and whatnot) to figuring out how they could get back the seeds, which were sent back to Algeria and apparently were in the possession of someone named Omar. They had a crew on the ground there, but then also a crew at sea. In that sense it was a standard mission for the crew — but only standard for people in this profession. For everyone else, this was bonkers. The entire pull of this storyline was mostly that the ship found itself destabilized right before making it to its destination, but through some effort and typical badassery, eventually everyone was able to move forward and continue the journey.

While we did enjoy the quest from the James in episode 2 from an action point of view, we did find ourselves questioning how much we will remember this storyline down the line. They still don’t have the seeds, and this story was effectively kicked down the road for the week.

Let’s get back to shirtless Eric Dane taking part in what seemed to be Greek Fight Club, which was being run in part by rich toolbag Giorgio. We considered this to be the beginning of what was the Chandler revenge tour, a path that was eventually going to land him back with the crew of the Nathan James. He joined this operation in order to try and change things from the inside, and while there he barely survived said fight scene and waited to see what his next move was going to be. Oh, and Giorgio’s sister Lucia was also ready to seduce him following his victory. He was there in the first place to get revenge, but what he ended up getting was so much more than he bargained for. (Can we still say that we ‘ship Chandler with Sasha?)

This entire story for Chandler is interesting to say the least, mostly because of how it presented insight into a very different part of the world. Also, it gave you some insight into a very different sort of culture following the apocalypse. Take, for example, an infected Greek root that actually serves as some sort of “homecoming.” The most important thing to note is that technically, Giorgio is not at the top of the food chain, and there is someone ranked higher than him on the pecking order and that is important to recognize.

The biggest thing that we would say about these two hours in general, though, is that the story almost would’ve been more effective if we had a whole episode about Chandler and then a whole episode about the crew of the James. Splitting them the way that they did interrupted the momentum here and there. Grade: B.

Where are things going to go on The Last Ship from here?

If you missed it, you can head over to the link here right now in the event you want to preview the next new episode of the show! (Photo: TNT.)

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