Crime Dynamic Duos: Major Crimes (Sharon / Andy), Quantico (Alex / Ryan) in round 3

Sharon / AndyRound three of our Crime Dynamic Duos series is officially underway! Thanks to the tens of thousands of you who have voted, we’re now at a point where we’ve got a series of epic showdowns planned the next few days.

In one corner, we’ve got Sharon / Andy of Major Crimes. Meanwhile, in the other we’ve got Alex / Ryan of Quantico. We’re getting ever closer to the final four, and from now until August 24 there are going to be plenty of opportunities to vote on who makes it there.

Who moves on to the next round? That’s totally up to you! Check out the poll at the bottom of the article.

Voting Rules – You may vote however much you want within the specified voting window. (The image above explains everything in terms of start and stop dates.) Note that if you are struggling to cast repeat votes, you may need to clear your cache or use a different browser or device. If you are on mobile and you cannot view the poll, scroll to the bottom and click to view the non-AMP version of the page.

Still with us? Then let’s dive into this battle…

Sharon and Andy, Major Crimes (#1 seed) – The popular pair had a quick journey through the first round, completely demolishing Carrie and Saul from Homeland. They did face a tougher battle against MacGyver and Jack in the second round, but there was still a clear victory at the end of the hour with more than 70% of the vote in their favor.

These two are obviously exceptional on the TNT show, both in terms of solving crimes and caring for each other. We’re also not sure their popularity has ever been higher as we’re gearing up for a potential wedding between the two parties in season 6. There are plenty of good things on the horizon, and kudos to Mary McDonnell and Tony Denison for bringing these great people to life.

Alex and Ryan, Quantico (#7 seed) – While there has been a proposal between these characters already on the show, it’s still unclear as to what their romantic future holds. Why is that? Well, much of that has to do with their professional lives being so chaotic. The Major Crimes Division has shown to be a little more stable than the FBI, where there are constant shifting allegiances.

Alex and Ryan entered the tournament as one of the biggest underdog duos out there; yet, they decisively won their first battle and scored an impressive win in round 2. Will Priyanka Chopra and Jake McLaughlin score a big victory here in round 3? We’ll get a good chance to find out over the coming days. Unfortunately, you’re going to be waiting so much longer to see the third season of this show premiering on ABC.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

As mentioned earlier, vote for your favorites in the poll below! You can also head over to this link in the event you want to see more editions of our Crime Dynamic Duos series.


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