The Blacklist season 5: What should happen with Aram, Samar? (Couples Forecast)

SamarMrs. Carter: What’s the future looking like for Aram and Samar on The Blacklist season 5?

For the past couple of years, we do think that these characters have been one of the most universally-loved on the show, and there’s a charm that comes from seeing the two of them together. We touched on this briefly during our recent entry in our Crime Dynamic Duos series. but they have a bit of an opposites-attract quality to them. While they both technically share the same employer in the FBI, they fulfill very different roles and go about problem-solving in very different ways. Aram is far more behind the scenes, while Samar is often out there in the field. They’ve both put their lives on the line on various occasions, and they’ve definitely had their fair share of moments where they’ve felt like ships passing in the night (or a ‘ship passing in the night, if you will).

Now, however, they do seem to be together in some capacity — they’ve at least kissed — and that sets the stage for some interesting stuff for the two of them. Where could their story go next? Let’s spend a moment speculating on that.

1. What are Aram/Samar away from work like? – We got to see some of this with Aram and “Elise” during season 4, so it’s only fair that we understand what their dynamic is outside of the office. Give us a look of them at home, them celebrating holidays, or doing just about anything that is outside of the ordinary for them. Maybe have them meet some other important people in their lives.

2. Show the discussion of them committing – If they are going to be together — and we certainly hope that they are — fingers crossed that we see the moment they become official. Maybe they need to have some more talks before they get to that point, but we do very much hope that they make it there.

3. Put them undercover as a couple – Sure, it may not be Aram’s forte, but it would make for a really fun chance to see how they interact in more of a work environment where they have to think outside of themselves.

4. Have them look towards their long-term future – The future of the series beyond season 5 is not exactly clear, and with that, we hope that the writers start to look more at what the endgame is for some of these characters — especially these two! Maybe they don’t get married this season, but if the relationship’s working out, it would make sense to put them on the road where they would be happy together in the years to come.

Separate from Aram and Samar, we do still want more Amir Arison – James Spader seasons in season 5. That’s something we spoke with Arison about before the season 4 finale.

What do you want to see for Aram and Samar on The Blacklist season 5? Share now in the attached comments! Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event that you do want to get some other news when it comes to the show. (Photo: NBC.)

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