Big Brother 19 interview: Allison Grodner on new Temptation, Friday show

Allison Grodner

Today’s Big Brother 19 interview with executive producer Allison Grodner is very much all about teases. We’ve got a tease for tonight’s episode, plus another one for the new temptation entering the game Sunday night. Judging from what she has to say here, there’s still the potential for a good bit of chaos to enter the game after a few predictable evictions, including that of Cody and also Elena last night. If nothing else, there’s a chance that something interesting could happen in the game during tonight’s episode, as former winner Derrick Lavasseur is entering the game.

We also of course touch on the Double Eviction show itself. How could we not, given that it is always interesting how these are timed out during the season?

CarterMatt – What goes into the timing of Double Evictions? Is there a rhyme or reason as to why certain weeks are selected?

Allison Grodner – We generally place double evictions in early to mid-August and early September every summer. It all depends on the twists of the season, the number of people in the house, and other production schedules.

Is there anything that you want to set up about the Friday show? How much more of a challenge is it to get four shows together in a week as opposed to three?

Big Brother is a difficult show to produce because we are turning out three shows as well as giant challenges and crazy yard transformations every week. It takes a staff of almost 400 people during the summer just to make air for three shows. When a fourth show is thrown in the mix, things get crazy behind the scenes. The Friday show is still being cut as I write this because the content for that show happened late late last night. The good news is that we have never not delivered an episode. Tonight’s show is a good one. The fallout from the eviction is emotional and dramatic and bringing a legend like Derrick into the house was a lot of fun.

What, if anything, can you say about the latest temptation twist and its impact on the game?

The final temptation twist will see the tree in the front hall come to life. Just as the twists before, it will stir up the game and tempt the houseguests as they chart their path to the half million.

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