Big Brother 19 episode 24 review: Live Double Eviction updates!

Big Brother 19 episode 24Tonight’s Big Brother 19 episode 24 is more than just your standard hour of TV — it’s also the first Double Eviction of the season! You better buckle up, given that this is going to be one of the most-intense hours that you’re going to get a chance to see all season long. Even if the night goes predictably and either Cody and Mark or Elena go home, the road to get there could still give you goosebumps as you wonder what’s going to happen next.

Of course, we want to be your companion to join you on much of this journey, and we’ll be updating this article live as things happen! We’ll probably do most of the updating when Cody’s actual eviction from the game gets going.

Unfortunately for Cody, the bad news entering this episode was simple: He was an easy target. Sometimes on this show, it’s easy to just target someone the whole house gets behind.

First Eviction – Kudos to Cody for actually making something of his speech this week, throwing Alex and Jason under the bus hard while talking about the “plans” that he discussed with them earlier in the week. (Hey basically just wanted to have a little bit of fun.) We don’t love Cody by any means, but we appreciate someone actually doing something versus whatever it was that we saw Elena try to do.

Cody left unanimously, but he had a really entertaining interview with Julie Chen — especially when she forgot that this was a Double Eviction and thought he would have some solitude. So much for that.

Second Eviction – It was between Christmas and Jason in the end, and what we ended up seeing was Christmas over-correcting and Jason winning. (Christmas was actually REALLY good at this for most of the competition.)

Nomination Ceremony – Jason nominated Mark and Elena, and did so in a way that may as well have been a State of the Union with how long it was. We’re not sure people want to be told about how you’re going to be friends after the fact while telling them you want them out of the game.

Veto – Mark won! Mark completed the puzzles earlier than everyone, and we kind of love that he did that when you would think superficially that he’d be good at physical comps and nothing else.

Veto Ceremony – Matt was the pawn yet again, which made it all the clearer that Elena was going to be leaving the game. Hey, at least she’s got $5,000, right?

Second Eviction – Elena went home in an almost-unanimous vote, with Mark being the only person who was willing to keep her. This interview wasn’t anywhere near as fun as the one with Cody.

Bonus news: Tomorrow’s show will feature an appearance from Derrick. Also, there’s a new temptation twist coming up Sunday.

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Also, be sure to come back tomorrow to see our new interview with executive producer Allison Grodner. (Photo: CBS.)

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