Zoo season 3 episode 9 spoilers: The search for Mr. Duncan

Zoo season 3 episode 9Moving into Zoo season 3 episode 9 on August 24, the search for Mr. Duncan will be at the center of the story — and with good reason (spoiler warning for those of you who haven’t seen this week’s episode yet!). He’s one of the reasons why the plane was crashing at the end of episode 8, which meant that the majority of the remaining team members were in a position where they could die. That’s certainly not great for them, though we do appreciate some of the entertainment that we got through this whole plane crisis.

Obviously, our crew is going to survive this since otherwise there wouldn’t be much of a show (unless you’re interested in watching the Jackson/Logan hour). Yet, that doesn’t mean that anyone is out of the woods just yet. For one, Jamie and the group care about Mitch and want to figure out how to A) get him back and B) stop his alter ego from causing problems. So far, the only person who’s shown an ability to shake things up is Abigail Westbrook, as we saw during this week’s the episode with her ability to flip the switch on him.

For some more news on what lies ahead in this episode, take a look at the official CBS synopsis below.

Zoo season 3 episode 9 synopsis – “After Mitch’s alter ego, Mr. Duncan, attacks the team’s plane then flees, Jamie, Abe and Max (Robin Thomas) set out to find him and help.”

So, what are we the most interested in seeing in this episode? Obviously, at the top of the list here is figuring out how the team can find a way to get the old Mitch back — that has to be a top priority! Beyond that, though, there is also the mystery of if there is a way for Jackson to escape his current situation. Seemingly, Abigail did get what she wanted from him in the ability to use his talents to move on to the next phase of her plan. Does she need him anymore? There are both good and bad things about this, with the bad being clearly that she could just murder him. Also, there aren’t many other people around to help him since so many of them are aboard that plane. Are we really relying on Logan to be the hero here or can Jackson get out of this on his own?

The promo

It’s dramatic, intense, and it doesn’t say much other than than Abigail Westbrook wants to take over the world. Still, it’s Zoo and it’s worth being excited about just on the basis of that alone.

What do you want to see moving into Zoo season 3 episode 9, and do you think that the team will find Mr. Duncan in this episode? Share in the comments!

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