This Is Us: what could season 2 reveal about Kevin Pearson?

This Is UsHe’s one of the Pearson triplets and the one that took a backseat compared to his brother and twin sister, but he was also the one fans couldn’t help but love. Kevin Pearson from NBC’s Emmy-nominated This Is Us grew up to be a successful sitcom actor who has a strong relationship with his sister, Kate, and one that is getting better with his brother, Randall. He’s fun, driven, and extremely caring.

Justin Hartley delivers an extraordinary performance as the eldest Pearson sibling, Kevin. Hartley’s ability to give the audience just the right amount they need to understand what is occurring in the episode shines through perfectly. During Season 1, each episode gave us a better look at who this man is and how he became that man. Kevin has been a big part of the show’s success and why Season 1 was so critically acclaimed.

So moving into the series’s second season, what can the show do with Kevin Pearson?

Reveal a little more about his relationship with Sophie – One of the biggest reveals of Season 1 was when fans learned that Kevin had previously been married. At the time of the reveal, Kevin was trying to decide between two other women, but when asked who he could truly see himself with for the rest of his life and who he loved, only one person came to mind: Sophie. We know that the two tried to do a long-distance marriage and divorced when Kevin cheated on her, but it would be interesting to see what happened leading up to him cheating. For example, why he did it if he loved Sophie? There could be so much learned from this experience as to why their relationship is the way it is in the present. Alexandra Breckenridge will be a series regular for season 2, so there is time to explore that.

Fans could also learn more about Kevin and how this early marriage shaped him into the man we see now. In the beginning of the season, fans got the sense that Kevin wasn’t a relationship kind of guy, but more of a one-night stand guy. Could the break up of his marriage be a reason for this mindset? Again, it would be interesting and exciting to explore and see something like that during Season 2.

His relationship with Kate and Randall – Kevin and Kate have always had a strong relationship. Kate was even his personal assistant until Kevin fired her in order to allow her a chance at her own life. He has supported and has been there for her whenever she’s needed it. Randall, on the other hand, as never had this type of relationship with Kevin.

Kevin has always struggled with what people think of him which caused a strain between him and Randall as kids. Fans could see that Kevin was envious of Randall because he excelled in everything he does and received more attention from their parents, despite the fact that Randall had longed for the same attention from Kevin.

Now that they are grown up, they get along but you can tell they aren’t super close. However, things changed when Randall had an anxiety attack and the person who showed support and was there for him was Kevin. It was a turning point in their relationship and was one of the best scenes of the season.

By having more of these kind of turning points in Season 2, the series can really go deep with exploring their characters, especially the triplets because that dynamic is so unique that it bears so many stories to tell.

His father’s death – During Season 1 fans never really got a sense of how Jack’s death affected him. We know that Kate lives with the pain his death caused her because she was so close to him, but with Kevin it wasn’t deeply revealed.

We can probably guess he was upset about the lose, but again, how did this shape him as he grew older? Does he do any rituals like Kate and football? Does he behavior a certain way because of it? We are curious to know more about this and once again would give fans a more intimate knowledge of who Kevin Pearson is.

Overall, Justin Hartley should just keep doing what he has been doing because it’s working tremendously. His talents truly shine bright through this role and with it only being Season 2 we can’t wait to find out more and more.

This Is Us returns this fall to NBC on September 26. For more news related to This Is Usbe sure to visit this link. (Photo: NBC.)

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