Scorpion season 4: What should happen next for Walter and Paige (Couples Forecast)

Walter and PaigeMrs. Carter: Is there a great future ahead for Walter and Paige on Scorpion season 4?

One of the things that we do love about these two characters is that the producers/writers really have opted to take a different path with them than the standard procedural mold. Typically, we’d be coming around to season 5 or 6 with the will-they-or-won’t-they pair still not together. That’s maddening for so many reasons, with the biggest one being that this often means that the time together for the couple is rather rushed. A good example of that is the amount of time it took for Jane and Lisbon to get together on The Mentalist; had Bones not went as long as it did, it could’ve been a problem for Booth and Brennan.

Going into season 4, Elyes Gabel and Katharine McPhee’s characters are already together and that’s exciting. Of course, there is also some added mystery in terms of where the two are going to go from here. Will their relationship withstand the test of time? What sort of craziness could be in store for the two of them? In this edition of our Couples Forecast series, here are a couple of things that the show should really take a closer look at.

1. Possible time jumps – The general sentiment for most network shows is to institute a leap of three or four months between seasons, and that’s almost essential here given that they have a young character in Ralph who’s growing up. You can’t just pretend that he is the same age forever.

The struggle that does come with that in terms of “Waige” is that you don’t want to miss more of their honeymoon period when they are newly dating — though some of that may have happened already in the two-part finale. Our suggestion is that through an episode or two, the show should flash back to what some of this period of time was like. Show bits and pieces of their first dates back out in the real world while also showing where they are now in the present.

2. Keep things at a reasonable pace – The two are now together, so there’s no immediate need to make an engagement happen. Remember that Walter is relatively foreign to romantic relationships, and it would be foolish to assume that he is someone with the understanding of how to do the right thing at the right time. He will make some mistakes, and the show just needs to be prepared for that. Just don’t rush at any point; we don’t think Walter would throw himself into the fire, either.

3. Put them out into the field together – For one, this is just useful since Paige helps to offset some of Walter’s weaknesses. She understands how to make things easier on him; meanwhile, he has the analytical mind and the resources to get the job done. They are two sides to the same coin, and it’s useful to see what this dynamic looks like now that they are in more of a romantic relationship.

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