Crime Dynamic Duos: Hawaii Five-0 (Steve / Danny) vs. NCIS (Ducky / Palmer)

Steve / DannyWe’re starting to near the end of the second round of our Crime Dynamic Duos tournament, but there are some very good showdowns still to chronicle. Today, we’ve got what we like to think of as a pretty fun one between two different CBS shows, and characters who fulfill very different jobs on them. Two of these characters are out in the field the majority of the time, whereas the two others spend the bulk of their time in the lab.

We don’t want to spend too long on the introduction, since there’s a lot of good stuff to get into with these characters and shows.

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Still with us? Then let’s dive into this battle…

Steve and Danny, Hawaii Five-0 (#1 seed) – It was pretty assumed that these two were going to make it to this point. They’re incredibly popular, incredibly likable characters with a great partnership and a knack for hilarious banter. They also scored the second-biggest blowout of the first round with more than 93% of the votes coming in their direction. They’re going to be a tough opponent for any pair that they go up against, but they have formidable competition this time!

Hawaii Five-0 season is premiering this fall on CBS, and while we do think that there are going to be some things about this season that are very different, there’ll be a few other welcome constants. The presence of Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan very much tops the list.

Ducky and Palmer, NCIS (#5 seed) – While they were seeded as underdogs in the first round, these two characters (played by David McCallum and Brian Dietzen) scored a very impressive win of their own with around 75% of the vote in their direction. They were also up against a pair in Jamie / Eddie of Blue Bloods who certainly are no pushover.

The reason for this decisive victory likely comes down to this: These two are great characters, and they’re the unsung heroes of the show thanks to all of the work that they do in the lab. NCIS, like with Hawaii Five-0, is currently in the process of filming new episodes — while there isn’t any specific scoop out there about big Ducky / Palmer episodes, we’re sure that they will get their individual moments to shine during the season. They almost always do.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

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