Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Cody Nickson’s ‘fond’ farewell (day 58, morning)

Cody NicksonTonight on Big Brother 19we’re going to be seeing a Double Eviction show — and also Cody Nickson’s farewell.

We wish that we could say that there were a ton of updates from the live feeds last night, but it was fairly quiet. Mostly, we watched Kevin talk some smack about Alex to Paul, which Paul then parroted to everyone else. Kevin has found himself a target this week in the worst way, mostly because he tried to be a reasonable human being to Cody and got caught for playing too many sides. We feel for the guy.

Now, should we feel for Cody? Eulogizing his game is so interesting to us this season because he’s such an unusual player both in terms of personality and also circumstance. We spoke about this briefly last night, but Cody is one of the few Big Brother players in recent memory who is a likable alpha-male who is also arrogant about said alpha-male status. He’s said some truly detestable things in the game this season, he’s been abrasive, and there have been times when he decided that he’d rather just chill with Jessica than try to play the game.

Yet, there are still plenty of fans out there, and much of that stems first and foremost from said circumstance. He’s been an underdog, and one of the few people to call Paul out on some of his nonsense. He’s also been treated terribly by some other people in the game, had his military service questioned, and at times been yelled at for no reason. You almost feel sorry for him (almost) because of everything that he’s went through. Being on the bottom can turn almost anyone into a likable player, and we admit that there is something gloriously entertaining that comes from watching Cody refuse to give Paul and his minions what they want before he leaves the game. He realizes he owes them nothing and therefore doesn’t have to be nice to them and give them any answers. He earned that right the moment that he went into the house.

Could Cody be an All-Star?

We feel like there’s a good chance that if they do another Big Brother 13 style season where popular duos return to the game we could see Cody and Jessica come back … though the issue there is finding some other worthy pairs. Who else do you throw in there, Paul and Victor? Bridgette and Mr. Jenkins? Austin and Judas? Jessica’s probably more likely to return than he is, and we’re not sure he would even want to come back.

We also don’t know if it benefits Cody’s popularity to return. He’s probably never going to be more liked by fans than he is now — just remember that when he was HoH at the start of the season the majority of the fanbase didn’t care for him. Coming back rarely ever makes someone more popular. Just ask Nicole or James from last season.

If nothing else, Cody’s won a relationship with Jessica out of this season — we can’t predict how this works outside of the game, but we’d probably give them better odds of working it out than anyone since Brendon & Rachel back in season 12.

What’s your sentiment about Cody’s game this season, and do you think we’ll see him again? Share below, and head over to the link here in the event you want to get some other news about the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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