Suits season 7 episode 6 review: Mike’s setback; Donna’s Harvey surprise

Suits season 7 episode 6 reviewSuits season 7 episode 6 began with a reminder: Mike Ross is in trouble. He has been working on the prison case for long enough that people are starting to catch wind of it. Take, for example, Harvey getting a suspicions message from Frank Gallo about said case that started to raise alarms in his head. Why in the world would Frank of all people call?

Well, the reasoning for that is pretty darn clear: He’s been discussing things with Mike, and he didn’t drop the prison case like he had first claimed that he did. This meant problems, and to make matters worse this case was putting a major strain on Mike’s relationship with Rachel.

Eventually, Mike did give in to some of Harvey’s demands that he sent his way in a fit of rage: He had to drop all association with the case. He did that, but still for some reason decided to show up at the court. That’s when he learned that it was too little, too date. Alex Williams showed up at court, and effectively ripped Mike to the point of him having to admit that he was the “outside help” that broke the agreement.

Mike was of course irate after the fact, but basically both Harvey and Alex had a point: He did this to himself by violating the agreement in the first place.

Louis’ lawsuit problem

Remember Stephanie, the associate that Louis Litt berated earlier this season? Well, she decided to sue him for sexual harassment over some of his comments, and judging from the fact that she had a room full of witnesses who heard everything, she’s got a pretty darn good case. Good luck with him trying to weasel his way out of this one. Another problem here is that he always has a tendency to make things worse. After he sent Katrina over to make things right, he explicitly didn’t listen to her and went over and ruffled feathers. He caused some chaos, and that made everything so much worse.

There was only thing that Louis had left to do, and that was something that he was also not good at doing at all: Apologizing. Not only that, but being vulnerable. He said he was sorry, but also explained why he said what he said. He even offered her a job back at Pearson Specter Litt. This was a tender moment of reconciliation, and she decided in the end to not sue him. Louis got his closure here, and after getting closure with much of the rest of his life, he and Donna determined that he would get the associates back. Consider this another worthy kick in the feels.

The latest on Harvey and Paula

These two have been in a fairly committed relationship, but there is a clear problem: Harvey struggled to admit to Donna that he was in the relationship. Paula eventually called him out on it, and that led to him eventually admitting the truth to Donna. She tried to cover by saying that she’d known all along, but in a conversation to Rachel she admitted to being very much surprised.

Eventually, Harvey went back to Paula, and it definitely seems as though the two are in good standing. The surprise was that the more the episode progressed, the clearer that Donna’s feelings were. She was bothered by this, but the two have to move forward and continue to work together.

Our overall take

Suits season 7 episode 6 was a series of emotional moments playing out over the course of an hour. Mike’s let down his client, Donna has to consider her feelings, and Louis can now consider his future. A pretty darn stellar hour of TV. Grade: A-.

Where are things going to go on Suits from here?

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