Suits season 7 episode 6 spoilers: Is Mike Ross playing with fire?

Mike RossWhen Suits season 7 episode 6 airs on USA next week, one of the biggest things we can anticipate seeing is Mike Ross in trouble. Big trouble.

How much so? Well, much of it boils back to what we think is one of the show’s central struggles: His desire for justice mixed with his propensity to cause problems for himself. He’s always been someone, (in one way or another) wanting to do the right thing. He wanted to be a lawyer in order to help other people, but he wasn’t really helping them thanks to it being revealed that he was not an actual attorney. Now, he wants to help people at the clinic so much that he is willing to work incognito on the case … but the amount of time he’s working on it is causing some huge rifts for those who are close to him.

In the end, we do think that Mike is going to realize one thing: He can’t have it both ways. He can’t be a successful lawyer by day and a pro-bono lawyer by night. Also, he has a fiancee that he can’t keep putting in positions where she needs to lie for him in order to save his hide. During this episode, we are going to start to see more of what happens when that relationship starts to feel even more pressure from both himself as well as external factors. You also have to remember that they are supposedly in the process of planning a wedding, but he hasn’t done all that much to contribute to it just yet.

Ultimately, the true concern for Mike Ross should just be that he’s going to have to make a choice. Will it be this season, after this season, or the end of the series? We just don’t think that he can continue to burn the candle at all ends if he wants to continue to be a part of this. This episode could explore some of that, but also what some of the consequences are if he keeps up this case. He could find not only himself getting into some trouble through this, but also Alex Williams could be set up for a stumble. Remember that it’s his client that caused him to drop this case in the first place. If Harvey finds out about this, he could lose his job — even if that is difficult based on the affection and the history that is there between the two guys.

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