Bull season 2 spotlight: What should happen with Michael Weatherly’s Bull?

Michael Weatherly's BullWhen Bull season 2 premieres on CBS in the fall, you’re going to get a chance to see Michael Weatherly’s Bull in a new light. There is a new showrunner in place, some new characters, and ultimately a show that is going to feel both similar and also different at the same time.

With Bull at the forefront of the series, you want him to be the most compelling character possible — in terms of qualifications for his job, we certainly saw why he’s such a valuable hire for various cases. He works hard, he analyzes the jurors for all of his clients, and more often than not, he does a victory lap at the tail end of it.

With this being said, we do think that the show could do even more to add depth and dimension to this character. In this character spotlight, we’ve got a few suggestions all about this very thing.

1. Have Bull lose more often – We’re not just talking about him losing a single case, either. We want to see what happens if Jason gets figured out, and in turn starts to lose many cases in a row. What happens when a guy like this starts to completely fall apart at the seams? What does that look like? Maybe we see him in a rut scramble and make things worse for himself; with that, it’s possible that his personal life also starts to crumble at the same time. The more that we end up seeing him lose, the more we learn about his toughness. We want to see him climb his way back to the top in a more substantial way than just an individual cases.

2. A more complicated love life – There seem to be people in Bull’s life who are fine to be with him here and there, but because some of these characters (such as Diana Lindsay) flutter in and out, there isn’t all that much time to give them real depth and conflict. We’d like to see him with someone who can be around for a 10-13 episode arc; if nothing else, it would be fun to see him around his ex (Yara Martinez) a little bit more. That relationship showed us a little more in the way of depth than we got from him the majority of the season 1 episodes.

3. More family and friends conflicts – Learning about his father and his history was interesting, but we would like to dive into some of that even more — or see him during his college years. It takes a very specific life for someone like Bull to become the man that he is, so exploring some of that history further is valuable for the sake of understanding him. With a character this deep, seeing him bounce off of people will be useful to learning more about him.

What do you want to see for Weatherly’s character on Bull season 2? Be sure to share now in the attached comments!

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