MasterChef season 8 episode 11 exclusive: Gordon Ramsay’s angry…

Gordon RamsayMasterChef season 8 episode 11 is airing on Fox Wednesday night, and it looks as though Gordon Ramsay has quite a bone to pick with the Red Team.

In the latest exclusive clip below from the episode, you can see the show’s judge become particularly irate with Jason after hearing that his team (led by Dino) is only serving the center slices of some of their steak. Why is that? A part of that seems to be uniformity, and making sure that everything looks as good as it can on the plate.

Unfortunately for Jason, it does appear as though there are two parts of this in which Ramsay is not all that thrilled with.

1. The idea of cutting up a steak of this quality — it’s a waste in some ways, given that there are tons of people out there who’d love it. (Heck, we don’t even have any issue with a chuck steak, something else that Gordon references in here.)

2. The idea of the meat being potentially raw. After all, if the ends of the steak are, what does this say for the middle. While there are plenty of people out there who love their steak rare, very few of them tend to love it still mooing. This is absolutely something that people need to keep in mind.

Here’s the good news for both Jason and the entirety of his team — we’re still early in the challenge, and there is plenty of time for them to turn around some of their mistakes. The nature of Team Challenges is that they’re really all about adjustments. Every single team is going to screw up somewhere, so it’s mostly about figuring out a way to pick up on these mistakes and recover in time to impress the remainder of your diners.

What makes this challenge even more special?

Well, the setting is a big part of it! The remaining contestants are in Las Vegas, which has been the site of many a historic showdown in MasterChef seasons past. Here, the big challenge is going to be seeing how some of these home cooks handle the new setting and the stakes of cooking such expensive proteins in a high-end environment. Beyond this challenge, there is probably going to be another one coming that is equally intense. We’re looking forward to the end result of all of this, even if we do know that it’s going to lead to someone walking away from the kitchen in the end.

What do you think is going to be coming on this MasterChef episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter below!

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