The Fosters season 5 episode 6 spoilers: Jesus presents an idea

Fosters season 5 episode 6With The Fosters season 5 episode 6 coming onto Freeform Tuesday night, there are of course several things you can expect. For Jesus, a big part of his future is going to be figuring out just the sort of person he wants to be.

Does he really want to go back to school? Well, he’s got some serious limitations that are holding him up at the moment, and he’s starting to use that to think about whether or not he should just go get his GED like his father Gabe did. Well, here’s the thing: We don’t exactly think that Gabe, a guy who got some of his education in prison, is all that great of a role model. He tells Jesus that in the midst of the kid telling his dad that they could do some sort of business building treehouses.

There is a gray area here in the sense of discussing whether or not there are some other ways to earn a living beyond just staying in school. There clearly are some means in which you can do some other stuff. However, at the same time you do want to give yourself the best chance that you possibly can to give yourself a great life with a lot of different opportunities. If you don’t do that, you very much run the risk of putting yourself at risk of never getting anywhere. Part of that depends on hustle, and another part of it depends on luck.

We just hope that Gabe is there and ready in order to have many of these difficult conversations and to be there for his son, given that we’re talking here about something that is still relatively foreign to him and we’re not altogether sure at the moment that he can take anymore heartbreak. If his father was to abandon him or diminish his feelings, there is a perfectly good chance that things could fall by the wayside and he ends up getting hurt. This would keep him from really getting anywhere in his life from here on out.

Ultimately, time will tell what the future holds for the two, just as time will tell if we see Gabe acting at all in terms of what he’s told about his own past and Ana. Could Gabe go home again? Theoretically sure, but part of the problem that we’re facing here is that Ana is already set to be with Mike for the rest of her life. If she gets in the way of that, there could be even more problems.

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