Empire season 4 spoilers: Taraji P. Henson on the ‘new’ Lucious

Empire season 4When Empire season 4 premieres on Fox this fall, one of the big questions worth wondering at the moment traces back to Lucious’ memory. Is it really gone for good, or is it something that could come back? The idea of centering a whole story around this is very much an old soap cliché, but it’s also not one that we really mind given that it’s one that can be rather fun. If the show does it effectively, you can understand how much of Lucious’ pain stems from experience — it’s a manifestation of the whole nature vs. nurture debate, and seeing how all of that plays out should be very interesting, to say the least.

Speaking via TV Guide, show creator Lee Daniels made it clear, first and foremost, that the goal with this storyline isn’t to trick anyone into thinking that Lucious is just playing people by making them think that his memory is fading. That’s not the plan in the slightest:

“Fans should not be questioning it, it’s not a long con … He really has lost his memory. It’s hard for me to believe that, but he really has lost his memory.”

As for how this will impact the relationship that exists between Cookie and Lucious, Taraji P. Henson notes that this is one of the most interesting things of all:

“We see the angel that he could be … [Cookie] doesn’t know how to accept it, because it’s foreign to her. I think it’s nice, but she wants that old thing back.”

Ultimately, this is one of the things that does make this show so interesting and psychological — Cookie knows that Lucious is not a good person, and he’s done a wide array of terrible things and could continue to more of them. Yet, at the same time there’s something about that magnetism and charisma that makes him so interesting. That’s one of the things that continues to make him stand out against the field and be one of the most interesting people on the show. No matter how much Cookie may want to escape him, she hasn’t. They’re linked in that way, and we don’t see that changing.

Beyond Lucious, of course there are many other big events that are going to be coming in the upcoming episodes. For more, you’re going to have an opportunity to learn a little bit more about how this show and Star will be paired together, as well as seeing how the Lyon sons can recover from their latest plots and misadventures — somehow like their father, they find a way to keep going even in spite of their mistakes.

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