The latest Longmire season 6 post-production update, via Katee Sackhoff

LongmireLet’s be real here: We haven’t had a whole lot of Longmire season 6 updates in a little while, mostly because there’s not much to say! Filming for the Netflix series began earlier this summer, and we are now in that precarious position between the end of production and the wait for the premiere episode.

Nonetheless, we are pretty lucky to see now that Katee Sackhoff (Vic) is still at work on the show, contributing something that is essential to a series’ success: ADR. The main purpose of this is to go behind the scenes and either record or re-record dialogue. Sometimes the conditions make it hard to pick up, or sometimes you’re saying a line off-camera. ADR is basically the bridge between what you filmed out in the field and what actually makes it into the show itself. Without it, the majority of your favorite shows would not be the same in the slightest. They certainly wouldn’t be anywhere near as great from an audio point of view since without great audio, shows often struggle.

There’s also a fun Grace & Frankie connection in this photo from Katee, which we like to think of as a further reminder that working on a TV lot is often like throwing a number of different people into a melting point in order to further see what happens. We do hope that everything goes off great without a hitch here, especially since there is only so much time to record all of this dialogue and make sure that everything is put properly in place before Longmire season 6 premieres.

Speaking of which … when could that actually be? There is some mystery around that at the moment, with our main indications being that we’re not going to be seeing more of the show until at least late September, if not early October. We are getting near the time when Netflix should be announcing a premiere date — in all honesty, we’re getting slightly frustrated that the streaming provider hasn’t given us one already, given the fact that we’re talking about a show here that is coming on the air seemingly before many of the shows that Netflix has already announced, whether it be The Crown or Stranger Things 2. We know that those are big-budget promotions with a huge promotional campaign, but this show deserves a little something, too!

Yes, we could get on a high horse about the need for more Longmire publicity, but we’ve been on that high horse for a while. We should just be grateful at this point that we’ve had as many seasons of the show as we have.

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