Chicago Med season 3: what could be in the store for Dr. Connor Rhodes?

Connor RhodesNBC’s Chicago Med is one of a kind. It has many unique characters that have a specific function for the show. There are doctors who keep others in line and there are doctors who push the boundaries. However, all of them, in their own unique way, allow the audience to relate to them. Right off the bat, fans knew Dr. Connor Rhodes was one that they would remember. He was the new trauma surgery fellow who in no time at all reminded his colleagues he had a higher rank. Despite that, fans saw a character who had a sensitive side as well.

Dr. Connor Rhodes was the doctor who ruffled other doctor’s feathers early on. He is also likable and someone who tries his best to do whatever possible for his patients. Colin Donnell plays Dr. Rhodes will excellency and open-mindedness. He knows how much to give during each scene in order to convey the message of the episode.

So moving into the series’s third season what can the show do with Dr. Rhodes?

Continue to show his relationships – As far as the audience knows, Dr. Rhodes is still in a relationship with Dr. Robyn Charles who suffered from a tumor during the end of Season 2. During this time, Dr. Rhodes showed his love for her in more ways than one. It showed a side of him fans rarely got to see. This sensitive and caring side was one fans loved seeing. It showed that he isn’t a jerk all the time, but just that he is serious about his work.

We also see this in his relationship with both of his mentors, the late Dr. David Downey and Dr. Isidore Latham. For both of these men, Dr. Rhodes showed loyalty and respect. With Dr. Latham many of the hospital staff made comments about his autism and it was Dr. Rhodes who defended him. This made fans love this character even more.

So going into Season 3 we hope that the writers continue to show this side of him.

Put him in hot water – Like we suggested for Dr. Manning, we are suggesting the same for Dr. Rhodes. He has had a little run in with trouble but nothing that ever put him in jeopardy. We know that he takes his job seriously and that he would do anything for his patients, but what if he took a specific action to save a patient that put his career in harms way? How would he react then? He would allow the audience to explore deeper into his character and his overall morals and values.

The writers need to show us what Dr. Rhodes believes in. By doing this, it would allow this character to further relate to the fans because some fans may feel the same way about a certain issue.

Characters in television series are all about letting the audience to get to know them. It allows the audience to know that character on a personal level and it brings them back every week. We begin to obsess over them and their lives. It’s how fandoms are born and it’s how the series continues on for seasons to come. It’s how the show becomes a success.

Continue to show Dr. Rhodes’ talent – Fans know Dr. Rhodes is a skilled doctor who doesn’t crack under pressure but excels. However, we don’t want to see an arrogant doctor, but a confident one. Episodes that previously showed this were a success and fans got to see him further work his way but to the doctor he wants to be.

Overall, Dr. Connor Rhodes is an incredibly strong character and one the series can use to its advantage.

Chicago Med returns in early 2018 to NBC. For more news related to Chicago Medbe sure to visit this link.

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