Grey’s Anatomy season 14 spotlight: What should be next for Alex Karev?

Grey's Anatomy season 14In general, there are few characters on Grey’s Anatomy season 14 who we’ve got the same affection for as Dr. Alex Karev. For starters, we find him to be a strong character, but also a relatable one — it’s hard sometimes to show the full emotional range of men on TV, but through Justin Chambers’ performance, we see that. Alex has some deep-seeded insecurities and a temper, but he’s not a bad person. He fights for what he believes in and he does his best to try and help others.

Moving into season 14, the question is simple: What can the show do for him in order to continue to give him some of the best material possible? In this edition of our character spotlight series, we’ve got a few suggestions.

1. Explore more of his dynamic with Meredith – We’ve seen Meredith explore already possible feelings that she could have for him, but we’d still like to see more of it from his point of view. We know that the Meredith / Alex pairing is super-controversial (people either love the idea or hate it), but through this story you could show something that is thoughtful and realistic. He doesn’t have to get together with her, but we would like to see it discussed further.

2. More with Jo’s husband – It’s already been reported by Matthew Morrison himself that he is returning as Paul, so why not play into this more. If Alex does end up back with Jo, it’s a huge blow to her to learn that he tracked this guy down without her knowledge at the medical conference, even if he didn’t end up actually speaking to him. The thought of it alone may be unsettling for her.

3. More time with some patients – We’d like Alex to meet someone in the hospital who impacts him on an emotional level and many helps him harken back to his past. He was out of his element so much this past season we’d like to see him doing more of what he does best.

4. Explore dynamics with male characters – Given that Alex is such a strong male character, why not explore some of the bonds with the other men? We had that prison storyline with Bailey, Arizona, and Jo, so why not explore something revolving around Alex, Jackson, Owen, and Ben? Throw these guys with their egos into a tough case separated from the hospital and then see what happens.

5. Establishing an endgame – Where does Alex ultimately want to end up in life? He’s been a wayward soul in times on the show, and figuring out more of this could be really fascinating to watch. We love Chambers’ work, so in the end, great material for him is at the top of our priority list.

What do you want to see when it comes to Alex Karev on Grey’s Anatomy season 14? Be sure to share below!

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