Teen Wolf season 6: The sentiment behind Scott, Malia

Teen WolfThe more that we get into Teen Wolf season 6, the more that it’s clear that we’re building into something special for Scott and Malia. The two characters clearly have a history together, but there may now also be some romantic feelings that go along with that. The biggest evidence of that came via Scott alluding to how Stiles would feel about the two of them right before she worked to heal them.

Does creator Jeff Davis seem aware of the fact that this is going to be a polarizing pairing? Sure, given that there are plenty of Scott / Kira and Malia / Stiles ‘shippers out there. Yet, Arden Cho won’t be back for the remaining episodes of the series, and Dylan O’Brien’s availability is limited. This does mark a chance to tell a story featuring the characters are around in a way that feels fairly energetic and exciting.

For a little bit more insight as to how he feels on the pairing, Davis said the following to TVLine:

“The idea of there being one true love for everyone is nice, but it’s not realistic. Things happen in life that bring people together in unexpected ways. We’re big fans of going for the unexpected.”

There is a great deal of truth to this. Often the person that you end up with in life is not the same person that you spend the majority of your time being around in your early years. Your first relationships often don’t pan out, but you learn from them in your effort to move forward. Scott and Malia do have a good bit in common, and they also have a lot of difficult shared experiences. They have the capacity to understand each other so much better than many other people would, which could be in part what makes them a great pairing. We’ll see where things go from them throughout the remainder of season 6.

The reality that the two parties are facing right now is that they may not have that much more time to really focus on one another, given the fact that the show has a major arc set up right now about hunters and how the biggest threat that some of these characters are truly facing at the moment is the threat that comes from within humanity. It’s certainly possible that this is the show getting a little bit political or metaphorical in a way that doesn’t ruffle any feathers in the process. One way or another, it should prove very interesting to see how some of these characters find themselves within this complicated scenario.

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