Jessica Jones season 2 bringing back David Tennant — but how?

David TennantHere’s a big surprise that we didn’t see coming (although we really should’ve) — David Tennant is going to be coming back to Jessica Jones for season 2.

This news was first reported via Entertainment Weekly, and the first question that we had regarding this is pretty darn simple: How in the world are they going to make this happen? (Warning: spoilers ahead): How do you bring someone back who had their neck snapped at the end of the first season? We’re not that interested in the idea of a Kilgrave resurrection, mostly because we don’t like it when TV shows show us a death and then magically have that person come back to life (The CW superhero universe is super guilty of not letting characters just die). To us, Kilgrave is one of the most horrific villains in the entire Marvel universe, and killing him off in season 1 was a huge mistake. You have someone of Tennant’s caliber as an actor as part of your cast, playing one of the scariest villain’s of all time and is Jessica’s biggest arch nemesis. Why kill him off so early?

Our sentiment is that this appearance from Tennant could be coming either as a dream sequence or a flashback, and both would make sense. In the case of the former, it’d be incredibly foolish to assume that Kilgrave would be gone from Jessica’s head even if the character is gone. The abuse he inflicted on her is the stuff nightmares are made of, and although he may be dead, the things he did to her are very much a struggle for her.

Beyond that, a flashback would just inform us as to more of their history, and it’s possible that there is something buried within this that could prove to be very valuable within the story in the present day.

Here’s another question…

Why announce this news instead of surprising fans? Maybe there were fears on the part of production that this return would get out via set photos or spoiler accounts, since otherwise this feels like one of those appearances that may be better suited as a surprise. If you can find a way to sneak an appearance like this on most of your viewers, it always gets the blood pumping, especially if they’re binge-watching the show right away and nobody knows what is coming. We’ve seen this work in Daredevil, or at least one of the better parts of what was an inconsistent-at-best second season.

Now that the news is already out there, there’s no real ignoring it — hence, this report being written by us. CarterMatt has never been a very spoilery news site, so rest assured if you don’t want to know it all before hand, we won’t do that to you.

You’ll get a chance to see Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones coming up on August 18th with the launch of The Defenders on Netflix. Meanwhile, the second season of Jessica Jones proper doesn’t have a firm premiere date just yet; personally, we envision it coming your way at some point in 2018 or early 2019.

What do you think about David Tennant coming back right now?

Let us know some of your earliest thoughts on the matter in the comments below! Meanwhile, head over to this link in the event you do want some additional news when it comes to Jessica Jones. (Photo: Netflix.)

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