Power season 4: How much did Mike Sandoval have on Ghost, Tommy?

Mike SandovalOn Power season 4 episode 8, the show formally said farewell to one of its biggest villains in the oh-so-terrible Mike Sandoval. He’s now gone from the show after being murdered by Teresi in prison. This is a move that Tommy convinced him to do, and the motivation was fairly clear: Uncertainty as to how much Mike knew about his operation with Ghost. Given his ties to Lobos, it was possible that he could’ve turned over almost everything and landed the two guys in a world of hurt.

Were Ghost and Tommy right to be worried about Mike ratting them out? Based on what star David Fumero (who played the character) noted to Entertainment Weekly, it certainly does seem that way:

“He had everything on everybody because, by working for Lobos, he knew everything on the law side and everything that was going on with the cartels and the organization and Ghost and Angela.”

So why did Mike stay relatively quiet on the full extent of his knowledge? There are a few reasons for that, with one of the biggest ones being self-preservation. He clearly did not want to implicate himself in any way, and if he ratted out Ghost and Tommy prior to his arrest, he would’ve found himself having to explain how he knew much of that information. This was a guy that, when the dust settled, was really just trying to do everything that he could in order to ensure that no terrible stuff came his way. He got caught up in some bad decisions, and eventually found himself in a position where he killed and scrambled to save his own skin.

Now, Angela’s got justice for Greg, and the closing seconds of Sunday night’s new episode were certainly telling. While she had her fair share of morally-questionable moments before then, that is the closest thing that we’ve seen to her being a Walter White sort of figure since the start of the series.

Mike’s death is probably going to create a snowball effect on everything else that happens this season. After all, you just have to remember everything else that is transpiring, and that John Mok isn’t the sort who is going to just let this go. He knew how valuable Mike was to him catching some bigger fish, which is why he was willing to consider some sort of immunity deal in the first place. If they can connect this murder to Teresi and then to Tommy and Ghost, there’s a chance that this could get interesting.

For the time being, though, Jamie’s still been able to keep his famous alter ego under wraps. Somehow, he always manages to crawl his way out of these near-impossible situations.

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