Beyond Poldark season 4, will there be a time jump?

Poldark season 4The events of Poldark season 4 look to be in many ways, the end of an era for the title character. After this, Ross springs forward in time. The events of this season are going to end presumably before the start of the Winston Graham novel The Stranger from the Seawhich picks up the story eleven years later.

Odds are, the show will feature Ross in this period of his life; yet, it’s probably going to have a series of challenges. For one, you have to make all of the cast members appear significantly older than they have for the past few years. Also, you’re probably going to have to recast most of the young actors, given that the kids won’t really be kids anymore in some cases. The show will move on, and if Poldark season 5 is the final season of the show (star Aidan Turner has suggested already that this could be the case), they need to bring closure to many of these characters.

What may surprise you is to learn that for series author Debbie Horsfield, she’s not concerning herself too much with what’s coming to be coming years down the road. Why is that? Well, she’s very busy working to make Poldark season 4 the strongest season that she can in the moment. In speaking about this further to Digital Spy, she had the following message to pass along:

“I know this sounds ridiculous, but we’re not looking ahead to that time-jump at the moment … We only think of one series at a time and we are so in the midst of series 4.

“I’m just doing the final production re-writes to the series 4 scripts and we start shooting in September… and then obviously, at some point over the next six months, the BBC will let us know whether a series 5 is on the cards.

“We may not know that for quite some time. When that happens, then we’ll start thinking about that possibility, but at the moment, we’re just very fixed on series 4.”

We would imagine that Poldark will learn about the show’s fifth-season prospects in the spring, given that the show does tend to be renewed prior to a new batch of episodes premiering on the BBC. This is a show that does perform well in the ratings, so why wouldn’t it come back? We don’t want to be so reckless as to call it a slam dunk, but it’s hard to envision many scenarios where BBC One sends it off to pasture without a second thought.

What do you want to see when it comes to Poldark season 4? Be sure to share some additional thoughts and expectations in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over here in the event you do want to secure some more news when it comes to the show right now. We’ve been doing many character spotlights as of late, and that is something we are still planning in the days and weeks to come. (Photo: BBC One.)

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