Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Cody campaigns to Alex (day 54, evening)

Big BrotherHere’s the funny thing about Cody in Big Brother 19 at the moment: We’ve got such low expectations for him at the moment that he could do anything and we’d celebrate it. He’s barely campaigned or done anything to save himself in the past, so it’s nice to see him trying tonight.

Earlier, Cody had a conversation with both Alex and Jason where he did his best to convince them that if they were to take out Paul (or really anyone, for that matter), he’d be on board and they can go to the top in an alliance of winners. While everything that we saw in this conversation was told through Cody’s lens, there was a lot of truth to what he said. For example, he astutely pointed out the lack of ability that Matt and Raven have in almost everything, and also touched on how he’s not really all that close with Mark and Elena in terms of strategy.

If Alex wanted to win the game, there would be merit in taking Cody up on this offer. Paul’s not going to want her that close to the end, given that she’s pretty good in competitions and can win her way to the end. However, it’s a lot more of a risk given that only Cody and Jason would be able to play for her safety next week.

Oh, and there’s another big problem: Kevin throwing Cody under the bus hard and telling everyone about his son. It’s a really low move for Kevin to do, and we say that as someone who likes him. That’s the sort of secret that feels like it’s that person’s to tell, but hey, he is just playing the game and doing it in the way that he feels right. What is so important here is that Jason is also a father, and he is questioning whether or not Cody is telling the truth about having a kid. If he thinks that he’s lying about this, then there is very little chance that anything is every going to work out here.

Ultimately, we’ll see what happens overnight, but for now, it definitely appears as though Cody is still going on the block and will be going home. If he keeps campaigning after that, though, there’s at least a chance that Elena could be in danger. Remember that she really angered Alex over the weekend over her decision to take the money in the Power of Veto Competition.

Even if nothing happens, here’s our message to Cody: Keep campaigning. It helps us respect you more as a player, and it keeps the feeds from being boring.

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