Power season 4 episode 8 review: Mike Sandoval’s fall; Angela’s revenge

Mike SandovalWe assumed that Mike Sandoval could be at the end of the road on Power season 4 episode 8; what we did not imagine was how that journey would end.

The noteworthy character was killed off near the end of Sunday night’s new episode, but not in a way you would’ve expected — which is probably why it was so brilliant. It wasn’t Ghost or Tommy who killed him, thinking that he could sell them out to the feds for killing Lobos or something else; instead, it was Teresi! Tommy called his father up behind bars, who arranged for the deed to be done. This means that Ghost and Tommy have less to worry about, but it could also lead to another investigation given that John Mok can’t be all that thrilled that this source of information and intel is gone. They thought they were careful, after all, in announcing that he was there.

This is where things get interesting: Angela, in the closing seconds of the episode, whispered to his dead body that the kill was for Greg. This was her revenge — did she expect the outcome, knowing Jamie and what he’s willing to do in order to get what he wants, or was this more a direct result of happenstance? She didn’t seem all that upset, one way or another, that he was gone.

The one thing we were a little surprised at was Sandoval not thinking about the possibility that Angela was wearing a wire when she first confronted him. Remember here that he was already about to kill Donovan for his suspicions. Wouldn’t he have just assumed she was in the know? In the end, though, rest in peace Mike — if there is peace for a guy like him, who did unspeakable things mostly in the name of supposedly protecting his family from Lobos.

Speaking of family, don’t you think that Tommy is going to have to pay the piper for his father helping him out? His mother confirmed after much debate that Teresi is his father, and he’s still trying to handle the emotions that come with that.

Is Tariq back on the mend?

After being violent towards his sister and helping to take part in a robbery, we finally saw the breaking point for Ghost’s son: Seeing a woman die in front of him who was nothing short of helpful and wanted to believe he was just some goodhearted boy trying to raise money for his swim team. After that, he seemed so much more inclined to run off to Connecticut as his sister suggested. We’ll see if that sticks, but it’s the best place for him right now.

Ghost works with Tate

Away from the world of crime, Jamie is starting to look towards the city councilman as a way to get his image back under control — something that he’ll still need to do even in spite of Silver coming over and telling him about Sandoval’s arrest. (Hey, it doesn’t look like the end of the case is stopping him and Tasha from being together in the future!)

We’re interested in the idea of Ghost maybe getting into politics himself down the road, just because there’s such an interesting dichotomy between him wanting to do good and his past keeping him from it.


Another great Power episode. This one excelled especially in terms of giving us a sense of how far Jamie and Tommy were willing to go in order to ensure that Mike was done away with once and for all. Yet, it was the cavalier attitude of Angela that actually surprises us more than anything. Grade: A-.

What’s coming on Power season 4 episode 9?

Rest assured that we’ve got you covered in that regard! Be sure to head over here for some additional updates on it and everything else that we’ve got in the way of news on the site. (Photo: Starz.)

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