NCIS season 15 spoilers: McGee will have a new look!

NCIS season 15We know that NCIS season 15 was going to start with Timothy McGee sporting a different look — after all, he’ll kick things off this season stranded in South America with Gibbs. When you’re located somewhere away from home without resources and your life on the line, it’s not that easy to get into any sort of proper grooming habits.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there are already some reports out there showing you just what McGee’s new look is going to be when NCIS season 15 premieres. What we’re more intrigued by here is that looks to be keeping a certain part of his look after the fact. That Twitter photo below comes courtesy of series star Pauley Perrette (Abby), and it showcases Sean Murray alongside her and Emily Wickersham (Bishop). Apparently, McGee is going to be keeping a certain part of his goatee. It’s well-groomed, so it’s not like he is just taking his South America look and going home with it — he’s trying something different out here.

As for why in the world that is important at all, it’s mostly something that NCIS doesn’t doo all that often. This is a show that is heavily syndicated, and because of that, frequent changes to characters’ appearance are not all that common. That’s one of the reasons why Pauley Perrette continues to sport the same goth look after so many years, and why we also have people rarely change their hairstyles. When Gibbs went with a slightly different look after nearly dying / being saved by Dr. Taft, it was mind-boggling since it’s not something that we frequently see. Him and McGee having some scruff in the premiere is related to the story, so having that happen in that instant is not that much of an aberration at all.

While we don’t think that McGee having a beard holds any bearing when it comes to the story that’s coming up, it is fun to see! Hopefully, it’s representative in some way of he and his new wife Delilah being prepared to make some other big changes. The two are expected their first child later this fall, and when that happens they’re going to get used to a very different manner of living. This excites us, just because it’s going to be a nice way to chart the evolution of this character. Think about McGee when he first surfaced on the show well more than a decade ago coupled to where he is now. If NCIS manages to last another four or five years, it will be just as interesting then to pop back in and see how some of the characters have grown and progressed by that time.

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