Grey’s Anatomy season 14: How should show utilize Amelia Shepherd?

AmeliaAs we move into Grey’s Anatomy season 14, it feels very much clear that Caterina Scorsone’s character of Amelia has a lot on her plate. Her marriage to Owen still needs a great deal of work and support, she’s just starting to get back into her regular work after some time away from the hospital, and she still has complicated relationships with both Meredith and Maggie.

Oh, and there’s of course the not-so-little detail known as Megan Hunt being in the picture. The arrival of Owen’s sister to Seattle was one of the big cliffhangers at the end of season 13, and in the midst of a discussion as to what this season could bring for Amelia, handling this issue has to be at the top of the list.

We would imagine that for much of the episode, we will be finding Amelia in a place of support. She cares about Owen deeply, and no matter whatever issues that they have, she is putting some of that aside to be there for him through this. He will need that encouragement, just as she needs him during darker times in her life. Having Megan back could be a wonderful thing, and she could be in the process gaining an in-law and a possible new friend. Or, it’s possible that everything falls apart when they realize that the Megan Owen once knew is not the same at all as the Megan who ends up being back. They’ve gone through a lot, and that is enough to change people.

Beyond Megan, though, there are obviously more things that we would love to see from Amelia in season 14.

More of her own family – Getting to see more of the Shepherd family of course also brings with memories of Derek, and we’re never going to object to that. It also just brings in more perspective and understanding as to who she is and how she’s evolved over time.

Challenging medical cases – She’s brilliant at what she does, and after some time away from the hospital it feels right to give Amelia a case that only she can take on, one that applies pressure but also allows her to have some moments to shine.

Amelia the hero – What happens when she lands a high-profile patient that ends up bringing her some headlines, similar to happened with Meredith and Riggs last season? How would she handle that? We think that anytime you can throw an established character outside of themselves, there are some interesting things that can be learned. If it’s not a high-profile case, maybe it’s just something that forces her to act in her profession outside of the hospital.

More friendship – As random as it is, we would just like to see Amelia make a closer bond to someone at the hospital who is not in her immediate friend-group, someone who she can talk to in an unfiltered way. Maybe it’s someone completely random in the main cast, or maybe it’s someone she hasn’t met yet.

No matter what happens, we’re certainly for giving Scorsone material that is as meaty as possible — let Amelia battle through some tough times, but also have some victories here and there!

Let us know in the comments what you would like to see for Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy this season! Meanwhile, be sure to also check out some other recent character spotlights.

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