Chicago PD season 5: Is there a future for Burgess and Ruzek? (Couples Forecast)

Burgess and RuzekMrs. Carter: With Chicago PD season 5 coming to NBC this fall, are Burgess and Ruzek going to be more of a stable couple?

When Ruzek eventually returned from his assignment last season and started working in Intelligence once more, the two made significant progress towards restoring the relationship that they once had. That, certainly, is very much good news.

However, we don’t also think that they spent so much time together that they are cemented as about to get married. Burgess left the team before the end of the season to care for her sister, and the relationship story was put on hold for a while.

Now, let’s get to the question in the title: Do the two have more of a future moving forward now? From our vantage point, it feels as though the answer to this question is a clear “yes,” especially in a way since Sophia Bush is leaving the show. You want there to be a couple to root for, and without Lindsay there of course can be no Lindsay/Halstead romance anymore. As a result of that, we could end up seeing Burgess/Ruzek take their place as the one most fans are excited to see. They do care about each other, and thanks to their time apart, maybe Ruzek’s starting to understand more of what he did wrong and how he drug his feet at times in the relationship. That should be one of the things that starts to get the two on solid ground once more.

Beyond a stable relationship, there are a few more things we’d like to see with the two parties moving forward.

1. Time together on the job – What would they look like working on cases together now, or even undercover? Given them some meaty material to sink their teeth into, and remember that if they can get through some life-and-death situations at work, they are far more likely to get through anything.

2. Can we get some double dates? – Provided that certain people survive on Chicago Fire, it’d be rather fun to see Casey and Dawson spend some time with them. Or, what about Platt and Mouch? There’s already a built-in relationship there, and these could be some fun ways to crossover the two shows.

3. More family time – We got a little of this with Burgess’ sister, but we firmly think that the more opportunities we get to see characters around other people in their lives, the more that we get to understand them in the end.

Is there a chance for there to be a wedding down the road? Certainly so, but the two have a lot to get to before that time? Still, there’s something about the idea of Voight standing up and giving a speech at the ceremony that we rather like.

What do you personally want to see from Burgess and Ruzek moving into Chicago PD season 5? Let us know in the comments!

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