Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Kevin tells Paul about Cody’s daughter (day 53, afternoon)

Cody's daughterHere we were, thinking that we wouldn’t have a whole lot else related to Big Brother 19 to discuss until after the Veto Competition. Then, Kevin stirs things up a little bit by bringing up Cody’s daughter to Kevin.

Earlier today, Kevin became one of the few people this season that Cody’s opened up to in terms of having a child. He’s basically the opposite of Devin, who mentioned his daughter on just about every occasion in which he possibly could. The reasoning for him keeping it quiet seems to be the he didn’t want to bring it that much into the game, and that he also didn’t want a perception of him based on that.

The first point that Paul made was fairly astute in that Cody probably would’ve been treated differently from everyone at the jump because of his status as a father — it makes him more sympathetic, and there is a larger point in him being there. It’s a little too hard to say for sure, though, how it would’ve ended up impacting the game.

Now, here’s where we disagree with Paul: Him getting into all of the various things Cody has done in the house with Jessica and questioning whether or not a father should be doing that. Dude, is that any of your business?

For the record, we also don’t think that this is Kevin’s secret to tell, even if he may have good intentions.

So what is Kevin’s ultimate endgame in saying this?

It’s possible that Kevin is trying to save Cody in the game — we know that many fans of Cody would love to see that happen! We don’t necessarily think of what he did here as a game move per se. It’s more like this: Kevin doesn’t like the house anywhere near as negative as it is. He’s seen a ton of shouting matches and a bunch of people exhibit some unfortunate behavior that we do think they’ll regret once they get out of the house and calm down. (Raven especially will be hearing about that “woof woof” exchange for much of the rest of her life.)

Ultimately, we just think that Kevin doesn’t want the house to be awful to Cody on the way out the door — he’s already told him that his eviction is largely set in stone, so this is mostly going to be a mechanism for him to convince others to treat him like a human being. (Yes, that term does remind us of Josh.)

We’ve said before that in terms of some of Cody’s beliefs, we’re not the guy’s biggest fan — yet, all isolating him and being a jerk to him is going to do is make him hate you even more. You might as well try to be nice on the way out; if nothing else, he is voting as a part of the jury and that vote IS important to determining what happens at the end of the game.

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