Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Alex’s official nominations (day 52, evening)

official nominationsThe nominations are in for Alex’s Head of Household reign on Big Brother 19and we have a feeling that there’s a debate about this online.

Even before the Nomination Ceremony, the plan was put into place that she was going to nominate both Jason and Elena for eviction, which meant that Cody would not be guaranteed an opportunity to play in the Veto Competition. From the moment that Mark guaranteed his safety for the week in the Temptation Competition, it was roughly clear that this was going to be the plan.

Is it a good plan? Well, it’s a huge risk. If we were in the house and targeting Cody, we’d just say to go ahead and nominate Cody and Elena for eviction, ensuring that one of the two of them go home. There’s far too many backdoor attempts made that aren’t worth the risk, and this sort of thing only empowers Cody that you don’t think you can beat him in competitions. If we is picked and wins, he can take down Elena and that forces Alex to get rid of someone who is in the dominant alliance.

From the standpoint of drama, it’s great that Cody wasn’t nominated because it’s possible that he could still pull off a miracle this week and screw over the rest of the remaining players. There’s also some uncertainty who would even leave if Alex has to name a replacement; it could be Matt, but she wouldn’t have that much leeway in the numbers given that so many of her own allies would be on the block.

How is everyone handling the nominations?

If someone is upset about them, they’re doing a very good job of not showing it! Everyone ultimately seems to be more than fine, and going about the house as they often do. Tomorrow is a huge Power of Veto, but the Veto Players selection process is just about as important as anything. Almost any person who is picked would end up using it if they won.

The thing that would be interesting in the event Matt goes is that Raven could flip on her alliance and we could be left with Christmas, Jason, Paul, Alex, Kevin, and Josh against Mark, Elena, Cody, and Raven. That would be a little more of a split house, and could create one of the more interesting situations that we’ve seen going into the Double Eviction. (Granted, would Raven really want to work with Cody? Her head may explode if she’s put in this position.)

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