This Is Us season 2: How can the show effectively feature Miguel?

This Is Us season 2For fans of the NBC hit series, This Is Us, knowing how Miguel fits into the equation is still one of the questions we are waiting for answer to. Fans know that after Jack’s death, Rebecca eventually moves on and marries his best friend, Miguel. This came as a surprise to many, however, it also left fans curious about the pairing. Miguel is supportive and caring, as well as someone fans are curious about.

Jon Huertas (Castle) plays Miguel with class, and a nature that makes you like him, as well as question him. He does his job with this role and we look forward to seeing what the writers will reveal this season given that Huertas was promoted to a series regular. With this, the series now has the opportunity to reveal more of Miguel and his backstory. So going into Season 2 how can the series continue to use her a valuable asset?

Make him someone the fans cheer for – Unfortunately for Miguel, fans didn’t take to him when we found out he later marries Rebecca after Jack’s death. We loved seeing him as the supportive best friend and that was someone fans supported. This is a side of Miguel we want to see more of because the husband of Rebecca is going to take some time for fans to accept. However, the best friend side of him is a good place to start.

Revealing more about him and Rebecca – This the one relationship fans know nothing about. Now it makes sense that the series didn’t tell fans anything about this relationship due to the fact that the writers needed to establish Rebecca and Jack’s marriage and relationship. This was completely smart by the writers, and hopefully make Huertas a dominant presence, it’s a sign that we will see more of him and Rebecca.

This relationship is an incredible asset for the show. It allows the writers to show to tell some exciting and dynamic stories. It allows some unique conflict between all the characters, which is something that makes the show realistic because most families do experience drama.

Establish a relationship between Miguel and the Pearson children – We have seen some brief moments between him and the triplets, but we have yet to see some one-on-one interaction. Do the triplets get along with him? Do they just prefer to imagine he isn’t in the family? Whatever the case is, it opens the doors to tell some great storytelling.

Overall, Miguel’s role in the show is so unique and such an asset for the series. It was an amazing twist to see him with Rebecca and he has the potential to be someone fans will love.

This Is Us returns this fall to NBC on September 26. For more news related to This Is Usbe sure to visit this link. (Photo: NBC.)

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