Is Blue Bloods season 8 the season for Jamie and Eddie?

Jamie and EddieMrs. Carter: Is the time of waiting over for Jamie and Eddie on Blue Bloods season 8?

Through much of the month of August, we’re engaging in our Couples Forecast article series to better speculate on the future for some of your favorite pairings. However, what makes things a little bit different for these characters is that they’re far from typical. Their situation is a little unique in that they both care about each other and have made some of those feelings clear. However, they also have not made the decision to actually be with one another as a couple. They’re worried about the job, and they may also be worried about what happens in the event that it doesn’t work.

The one thing that we do know with confidence is that Vanessa Ray is coming back for the eighth season this fall, and with that comes more potential for these two to be together. There’s no going back to what the relationship once was; instead, there’s only moving forward, and this is what the two should focus on.

Is being together a tremendous risk for their partnership and its future? Sure, but they’d be far from the first set of cops to take that risk. We also don’t necessarily buy into the fact that police officers being together puts them entirely at greater risk — you often care about your partner on some level anyway, and at least here you spend so much time with them that you may be on the same page almost constantly. In that way, this could almost make you even better at your job. There’s a shorthand here; maybe it doesn’t work for every couple (Blue Bloods has already given us an example of one where it didn’t), but it certainly could here.

Beyond just being on the job together, there are other avenues that we want to see Jamie and Eddie explore together. What would a date between the two of them look like? The wedding last season was one of the closer examples we had of that, but exploring more of their personal life together could prove worthwhile. The same could be said for the two explaining what they each want out of the future.

Of course, every one of our hopes for Jamie / Eddie does eventually lead to the moment that so many fans of the show want to see: The Reagan family dinner scene! We do think that this should happen with her by the end of the season, but it shouldn’t be right away. Remember that in real life, you don’t just start dating someone and immediately run off to see their family. It could take weeks or even months! Maybe this is a great idea for either a sweeps episode or the finale, that way there’s something to build to for a while.

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