Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Final Temptation Competition results

Temptation Competition resultsThe final Temptation Competition results are in from the Big Brother 19 house, and there are some things about these that surprise us.

For one, somehow Matt either bungled this challenge so badly or threw it so that he is now the third person on the block. He’s somehow gone from being a potential pawn to being directly in the line of fire for eviction. Meanwhile, for the second time in two weeks, Mark won the competition and is safe! He’ll have a chance to kick back and try to forge some new bonds for next week, which could be important if Cody is evicted and he somehow becomes the biggest target in the game. Given that he’s won a competition three straight weeks now, it makes sense to get rid of him.

The way that this competition went does create more of a challenge for Alex as Head of Household. Obviously she nominates Elena, but with Matt on the block already, that eliminates one of her pawns. Does she go ahead and put Raven up there, or take a larger risk with one of her other allies? Does she go ahead and stick Cody up on the block and hope for the best with the Veto?

If we were Alex, we’d just go ahead and bite the bullet: Nominate Cody alongside Elena and Matt, and then hope that someone else pulls through and wins it. If Cody wins, you can get rid of Elena this week. The last thing that you want is a situation where Cody isn’t nominated, he wins the Veto after he gets chosen to play in it, and then decides to take Elena off the block. That would be a nightmare situation for Alex and her crew.

We’ll be back later with the nomination ceremony results at the link here; there’s likely going to be a few hours for everyone to talk it over.

How was the Temptation Competition as a twist?

Personally, we liked it since there was a ton of strategy involved in it, including whether or not you wanted to take part. If there was a season with a less divided house, we feel like it’d be even more effective since someone could screw themselves out of a future on the show because of competing here. There’s no interference from America, which is something that we appreciate about it further. It’s a twist we wouldn’t mind seeing again down the road.

Starting next week, though, we imagine (at least following the Double Elimination) that there is going to be more in the way of normal Big Brother — there is a special Friday show coming, with it likely being similar to the silly carnival with Ziggy Marley we had last season.

What did you think about the Temptation Competition this season, and do you want to see it again? Share in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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