Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5: What a Gendry return could mean

GendryIs Gendry returning to Game of Thrones? There are only three episodes left in season 7, and the rumor mill is certainly churning out speculation now…

If there is one key piece of speculation out there suggesting that Gendry is back, it’s this: He was at the premiere party for the show last month. Joe Dempsie departed the series more than three years ago, with his character seemingly rowing away into oblivion. Yet, there was always a hope, much like with Rickon or Benjen Stark, that the character still had a role to play. (Hopefully, it ends up being a more substantial one than what we saw with Rickon…)

The significance of Gendry in the midst of the battle for the Iron Throne is now significant, especially in terms of trying to turn the tide for Daenerys over Cersei Lannister. Gendry is the last known survivor of House Baratheon, and with that is integral to winning over a number of loyalists to the Baratheon cause. Maybe some in King’s Landing consider him the rightful heir over Cersei, or maybe they at least will turn on the Queen who is currently ruling the city with an iron fist. She no longer cares about anything other than ensuring that she holds power … and she may be vulnerable in the first place tonight when you ponder over present circumstances. Jaime Lannister nearly died in the battle against Daenerys, and while Bronn was able to fire off the dragon-killing device, it did not actually work in the effort to kill Drogon. Cersei may be vulnerable, and this could be the perfect time to strike using everything from questions of legitimacy to actual warfare.

In the end, the most important thing worth noting is that Gendry means a lot to a number of different people, but those who stand the most to gain from him are Jon Snow and Daenerys. He’s certainly not going to be out to support anyone from his father’s former regime.

How long could he stick around?

Our hope is for a couple of episodes at least, but it is hard to envision him being a part of the story so much longer than that. After all, wouldn’t it be somewhat strange if one of the real pioneers and people who managed to turn the tide in the series was someone who was barely on the show? We’d love for him to be a key cog in a plan, but it seems a bit off to proclaim him essential in turning the tide or wanting to see him sitting on the Iron Throne in the end.

There are three episodes left on Game of Thrones season 7; at present, all signs point to him turning up for at least one of them.

When do you want to see Gendry on Game of Thrones season 7, and how large of a role do you want to see him play? Share below!

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