Crime Dynamic Duos: Major Crimes (Sharon / Andy), MacGyver (Mac / Jack) in round 2

Sharon / AndyRound 2 of the Crime Dynamic Duos tournament is here! Thanks to everyone for all of their votes in the first round — there were some very close showdowns, but also some that were complete blowouts. We’ve got examples of both in the first showdown of round 2, where Major Crimes and an iconic pair from it will be facing off against some reasonably new blood — even if they are inspired by a similar show from the past.

Below, take a look at the rundown of our two contenders this time — the duo who advances will get a chance to be in round 3, and one step closer to being the top dynamic duo of 2017! Given how many crime shows there are out there, we do think sitting at the top of that pyramid is a rather nice achievement.

Who moves on to the next round? That’s totally up to you! Check out the poll at the bottom of the article.

Voting Rules – You may vote however much you want within the specified voting window. (The image above explains everything in terms of start and stop dates.) Note that if you are struggling to cast repeat votes, you may need to clear your cache or use a different browser or device. If you are on mobile and you cannot view the poll, scroll to the bottom and click to view the non-AMP version of the page.

Still with us? Let’s dive into this battle…

Sharon and Andy, Major Crimes (#1 seed) – They entered this tournament as a favorite for a reason: They’ve performed well in similar tournaments in the past, and they’ve clearly established themselves as a favorite here! The engaged couple had one of the most dominating wins of the first round against Carrie and Saul from Homeland, and with Major Crimes now having an official October premiere date for season 6, we think the buzz for the show is only going to continue growing from here on out. The more teases a Sharon / Andy wedding, the more we could see that buzz grow further!

MacGyver and Jack, MacGyver (#4 seed) – These guys entered the tournament as a little bit of a wild card, given that they are from a new show and have somewhat of a new following. Yet, they were able to overtake Rollins & Carisi from Law & Order: SVU on the strength of a loyal fan base, one that supports the show and its characters extensively. They also recognize what the purpose of Mac and Jack on the show is when the dust settles: To entertain. This is a fun, action-packed show that celebrates the underdog. Given that Lucas Till and George Eads’ characters are clear underdogs here, they’re going to need all the help that they can get.

As the photo above reveals, voting will remain open from now until August 19. At that point, we’ll start to calibrate everything for the third round.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

As mentioned earlier, vote for your favorites in the poll below! You can also head over to this link in the event you want to see more editions of our Crime Dynamic Duos series.


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