Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The nomination plan (day 52, morning)

nomination planWhat’s the nomination plan at present in the Big Brother 19 house? Judging from what was on the feeds late last night, Mark and Elena are not going to be happy.

While this is still super early and things could very easily change, at the moment signs point towards us seeing Mark and Elena both on the block together. There’s a chance that this move annoys the two of them greatly, since they know more than ever just how expendable they are to the rest of the alliance. Yet, Paul feels like it’s the wrong move to nominate either Matt or Raven again right now for the sake of them starting to get paranoid. Nobody wants to be in a position where one of them starts to not feel like the alliance is working against them; at that point, one of them could flip.

For the record, the plan still does remain to backdoor Cody and get him out of the game, but we do think that there are some ways in which this won’t happen. For one, you’ve got the Temptation Competition today, and he is more than capable of winning almost any one of those that is thrown his way. He’s shown that if a competition is physical, he’s got a fairly good chance at winning it. Beyond that, there is also a chance that he plays in the Power of Veto and Christmas cannot use her temptation in order to block it. He’ll have some chances to turn the tide on this week slightly, which in turn spells trouble for either Mark and Elena.

Should Alex ever need a pawn, Matt has volunteered openly to take it on after not sitting up on the block at any other point this week.

The Temptation Competition is happening this morning, so we’ll have some more results from that later to go along with our weekly exclusive interview with Allison Grodner.

How is Cody doing without Jessica?

Even though he has exiled himself into the Have-Not room, he’s holding on for the most part fairly well. He was a little more social than he’s been last night, and the best thing he could do at this point is try to show that he doesn’t have to be such a negative, volatile player and someone people want to take out immediately. While he is a competition threat, he also doesn’t have anyone. With Mark and Elena, you can make the argument that they at least have each other — plus, Mark has shown the past two weeks that he can be a competition threat. Kevin made a comment last night about how he’d be fine to lose Mark, Cody, and Matt from the game; what could be fun about that is how it would level the playing field.

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