Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Alex’s second HoH reign

Big BrotherTonight, Big Brother 19 crowned Alex as the latest Head of Household, which basically meant that Paul had a lot of control for the third straight week in the game. Remember that advice that Jessica gave everyone before she headed out the door? We do think that there are people in the game who’ve heard it, but for now, it’s falling on deaf ears.

The big thing that is worth remembering now is this: Paul is eligible to play in the Double Eviction HoH, which is huge since that would’ve been the perfect time to take him out. You can do so there with fewer repercussions, since there isn’t a whole lot of time for him to work his magic. Also, it’s the perfect time to backdoor him if he doesn’t play for the Veto.

For now, though, let’s get back to what is going on this week. Alex is planning at the moment to nominate Elena and Matt for eviction, with the plan being to backdoor Cody if given the opportunity to do so. He’ll probably fight hard to win the temptation competition, and if he does win it, we figure that the nominations will change to Mark / Elena in order to ensure one of them goes home. That’s the smart move if the goal for Alex is to make sure someone on the bottom of her group goes home.

Is there an argument that Alex could avoid putting Mark on the block? Sure, since she and Jason have grown close to him over time. There are a few situations that could make this week interesting even if you’re not an Alex/Paul fan. Take, for example, Elena winning the Veto and Cody winning the temptation competition — would Mark really go home? Depending on who he’s up against, maybe something crazy could happen.

More than likely, though, this is Cody’s week to leave the game and we feel like if Paul leaves after that, this guarantees that the rest of the season could be a little more entertaining. Despite what common belief may be, Paul’s not playing the best game — he’s too big of a target at this phase of the game, and there are too many people who want him gone. At some point, this is going to cost him and he’s going to be leaving as a result of it. He’s no so invincible as a player that he’ll just be able to win an endless string of competitions that get him to the very end.

What do you want to see happen this week?

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