Once Upon a Time season 7: Is there hope for Rumbelle yet? (Couples Forecast)

RumbelleMrs. Carter: Will Rumbelle have a future on Once Upon a Time season 7?

When you consider the circumstances that get us to where we are with the two of them, there are reasons to question what their future holds. After all, remember that Emilie de Ravin is not going to be a series regular this season, and their relationship is just about as tumultuous as tumultuous can be. We can’t even begin to count the times in which we’ve thought that the two parties were going to break up forever, but here they are now, trying to help their son Gideon live a better life.

If the two are going to get together in this new season, one of the things we want to see from them is true romance and a little happiness — the stress and the drama can come from other places. This does seem to be the case, given that the fourth episode of the season entitled “Beauty” is going to be much about the story. Here’s what Robert Carlyle himself had to say on the matter to Entertainment Weekly:

“Episode 4 is a Rumple-centric type episode that will explain to the audience quite a lot about their relationship — actually even from way, way back in the Fairy Tale Land as well … It follows the course of their relationship through the years and it explains… where she is now in terms of her life after Storybrooke.”

Here’s a little more of a reason to have hope about the story ahead via executive producer Edward Kitsis:

“The end of season 6 was truly a ‘happy beginning’ for Rumple and Belle and we’re excited to tell what we think is a deeply romantic story about where they go next as both a couple and as parents to Gideon.”

Provided that Rumple won’t be around Belle for much of season 7, what we hope to see in the interim are little reminders of her here and there. Meanwhile, we also don’t want to be in a position where we see him end up with someone else, even if it’s for a short period of time. You’ve invested so much time into this romance over the past few years that the last thing that you want to see is a situation where your hearts get shattered.

What we know right now

Rumple will be involved somehow with the story that moves him, Regina, and Hook over to Hyperion Heights, a part of Seattle that will feature a new curse. There will be new curse identities and a whole new mystery. Also, with an adult Henry Mills, there will be flashbacks to some other parts of his life and what happened in between season 6 and where we are now.

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