NCIS season 15: What could future hold for Wilmer Valderrama’s Torres?

Wilmer ValderramaNick Torres was one of the new additions to NCIS last year, but the more the season went along, the more we appreciated the character. He came into the show with a very distinct point of view that helped him stand out from the pack — years overseas in deep cover. He wasn’t just in another part of the world; he was pretending to be someone he wasn’t. There is something fascinating about watching that person become accustomed to life once more, and it’s absolutely understandably why Nick ran into a myriad of different challenges.

For one, there was an issue with authority, given that he wasn’t used to responding to anyone directly nearly as much during his mission. He didn’t have an Agent Gibbs handing down direct orders. This was a different challenge for him last season, but a good one that enabled him to grow more as a person.

As we get into the next season of the show, the question becomes the following: How do you build on what you have? You have a great actor in Wilmer Valderrama who can do a lot of different things, and that does open the door insofar as interesting possibilities go. Consider the following just a few suggestions.

1. More of his family – We got to see a little bit of this during the character’s earlier days on the show, but revisiting that now could be interesting. How tough was it for him to be away from them for so long, and where are some of these relationships at now?

2. A new relationship – We learned during an emotional episode last season about one of his first great loves and what it was like for him to lose her. Now that he’s gotten used to life as a part of a team, could he open himself up for the sake of someone else? What would that relationship look like? Nick’s confidence can at times border on overconfidence, so there could be some humor that comes out of seeing him get shot down here and there before finding the right person.

3. More time in the lab – We’d love to see his relationship with people like Abby and Ducky explored further, given that they have such different personalities and we love when characters from very different backgrounds get paired up.

4. Other undercover assignments – Don’t separate Nick from the rest of the team for anywhere near as long in season 15, but why not let him do some other missions that are more standalone in nature? Give him a chance to take on some different cases, including some that force him out of his comfort zone. There could be some great comic relief in here for him. Also, you can play more into his action hero sensibilities here and there.

What do you want to see from Nick Torres on NCIS season 15? Be sure to share in the attached comments! Meanwhile, head over here in the event you do want to get some more news when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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