Quick Hits: GLOW season 2 renewal; Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars; Munsters reboot

GLOW season 2 renewalIt’s not often that we do a pair of different Quick Hits articles in a single day, but there are many stories still to report! That includes what we have now on a GLOW season 2 renewal.

Netflix confirmed the news on Thursday, and nothing about this comes as a surprise given that the Alison Brie-led series drew a great deal of publicity over the past couple of months — not to mention some great reviews. (You can read ours by heading over to the link here.) New episodes, based on the current timeline, will likely premiere once we roll around to 2018. There is obviously a good bit more story left to tell here, with some over-the-top wrestling mixed in for good fun. There aren’t many other shows that are out there quite like it.

As for some of the other news that we want to share at the moment…

Another Munsters reboot may be coming – Why? It’s a good question, but it is. According to a report from Deadline, Jill Kargman is writing a new take on the classic comedy with Seth Meyers on board as an executive producer. The big difference this time is that the show’s setting is shifting over to Brooklyn rather than California — which actually feels a little bit weird given that in Brooklyn, the Munsters are probably far from the weirdest family around.

The last attempt to bring the franchise back on NBC came in 2012, when Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies/Hannibal fame developed a version of the show called Mockingbird Lane. That pilot eventually aired as a Halloween special.

Hell’s Kitchen is going All-Stars – For the first time, the Gordon Ramsay series is bringing back chefs to compete again in the gauntlet to earn a “Head Chef” position at one of his famous restaurants — this time, it is the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant, one that is actually opening in real life in Las Vegas.

Per a press release, here are the returning chefs.

The Red Team (Women) includes:

ROBYN ALMODOVAR Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL Previous Season: 10 (6th Place)

DANA COHEN Hometown: Emerson, NJ Previous Season: 10 (3rd Place)

ELISE HARRIS Hometown: Newburyport, MA Previous Season: 9 (3rd Place)

BARBIE MARSHALL Hometown: Strasburg, PA Previous Season: 10 (4th Place)

ASHLEY NICKELL Hometown: Orlando, FL Previous Season: 15 (3rd Place)

JENNIFER NORMANT Hometown: Burlington, MA Previous Season: 9 (5th Place)

AMANDA PALOMINO Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ Previous Season: 15 (5th Place)

MICHELLE TRIBBLE Hometown: New York, NY Previous Season: 14 (3rd Place)

The Blue Team (Men) includes:

JARED BOBKIN Hometown: Troy, MI Previous Season: 15 (4th Place)

NICK PETERS BOND Hometown: Newburyport, MA Previous Season: 14 (5th Place)

GIOVANNI FILIPPONE Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach, FL Previous Season: 5 (6th Place)

VAN HURD Hometown: South Glastonbury, CT Previous Season: 6 (6th Place)

BENJAMIN KNACK Hometown: San Antonio, TX Previous Season: 7 (3rd Place)

MILLY MEDLEY Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Previous Season: 14 (4th Place)

JOSH TROVATO Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Previous Season: 14 (6th Place)

BEN WALANKA Hometown: Overland Park, KS Previous Season: 5 (4th Place)

Of this list, we only recognize a few names, but we also haven’t watched in recent years. It’s a little strange that so many people are all from season 14, just as it’s also odd that there aren’t any contestants from the first few seasons. Maybe they didn’t want to be subjected to Gordon throwing food at them anymore. (Photo: Fox.)


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